Top 10 Phone Tracking Apps To Try In 2021

Spy apps could be used to track anyone without their awareness. Usually, individuals use spy apps to monitor their phone, watch over their children, or monitor the phone of an employee. We don’t endorse the harmful use of these applications in any way. You can never use spy apps unless you have the other person’s permission.

Technology has been the single determining factor in our lives for the past few decades. Although we have already seen the number of mobile phone users increase to billions, there has been an equal increase in digital crime and online violence to the internet and mobile-related. 

There have been various online crimes against our adolescents and children, such as cyberbullying or catfishing.

We have done comprehensive research on the four different factors of the best iPhone spy app and have compiled our list of the top 10 iPhone spy apps 2021.


And one of the most popular smartphone surveillance apps on this list is Spyine. In fact, it can be regarded as a market leader when it comes to Spyine applications. It can be a perfect monitoring tool to keep tabs on both your kids and your staff. 

It comes equipped with far more than 30 amazing tools that enable you to track network traffic phone calls and maintain an SMS tracker in a timely manner. More, you also get to monitor the GPS location of the phone, which comes in handy when trying to track the location of your children or locate a missing phone. 

Go to this article to know that Spyine has added more sophisticated features in recent years such as Wi-Fi logs and WhatsApp tracking. The app is continually improving and gradually improving with each passing day.


Read more here about features of the best spy app, Spyine: 

  • Track calls and messages 
  • Access Chats via Messenger 
  • Keylogger 
  • GPS Monitoring 
  • Track Online Activities


Another way to spy on iPhones is by using Spyera. Like all of the other applications so far, the same tracking features are protected. These characteristics are also applied to computers and tablets. 

Spyera has a range of benefits that other businesses don’t deliver, such as providing cloud-based surveillance. It is also fast and straightforward to install the software and needs less than four minutes. The only twist with this app is the appropriate payment options are minimal. They just receive payments via credit or debit cards.


Spyier is a really easy to use spy app and is an even simpler spy app to run on the pc you want to track. It is a cloud-based platform that integrates all the functionality one has come to expect from mobile phone spy applications of this type. 

The system performs brilliantly well in stealth mode. So the smartphone user is not even conscious of the centralized monitoring and reporting to you of their calls, messages, place, and internet communications. The application can also enable the camera of a smartphone and take photos without recognizing the person concerned.


Another contender for the best spyware for iPhones is the FlexiSPY software. This business is renowned for its strong application and functionality, and it reflects. 

From all the apps on this list, this lets you track a phone on something.  the same can applies to computers as well. You are also able to try demos, so there is no chance of failing before buying. 


mSpy is another one in a long line of phone spying applications that have come out in recent years. The fact that it is mainly used as a parental monitoring app is what really distinguishes it from those on the list. mSpy is limited in the number of characteristics it offers.

Jailbreaking phones have substantial trade-offs in that the phone is more at risk of being hacked. In addition, Apple employees won’t help you if you run into any problems with your phone outside of the app. 

SP Camera

Most of the applications on this list let you spy on someone directly using the phone, but a spy camera is a better way to do it if you’re trying to spy on someone. If you can withstand the $10 app price, the App Store’s SP Camera is the best application for sneakily capturing video. 

SP Camera is simplistic: there’s a detachable and resizable camera viewfinder on the app that can be covered with other fake applications, like a calculator, a reactive webpage, and much more. 


Spybubble says that it enables you to monitor messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. However,  once you install the iPhone spy app you will note that Facebook surveillance does not work as promised. The GPS position can be monitored and geo-fencing warnings set. 


MinSpy will not function unless the target iOS computer has been jail-broken. You will first need to jailbreak the device before setting the app up. Only if you are pleased with using the minimal features there is no need for jailbreak.


Spyic is mainly marketed as an application that lets parents track their cell phone activity, both online and offline. Spyic handles this mission with great efficiency and gratitude to the functions it provides its users. The spying features while simple is all you need to track your child and keep them safe.


Here’s another software that sells itself as a big parental spying app but can be used for a range of business and personal purposes. The tool offers the most basic surveillance functionality to provide the most basic advantages that can be offered by a spying program. It’s excellent in that department of austerity. 


Considering how essential our smartphones are to our daily lives it makes perfect sense that we would like to secure ourselves when we use them. In this list, some of the iPhone spy applications are a bit interesting, while some have significant use. 

Others also need jailbroken phones, while others can be downloaded from the App Store right away. Here are some of the perfect accessible.

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