How Can I Keep Tabs On Someone’s Phone Activities Without Them Noticing?

Are you looking for a way to view someone’s phone activities without their knowledge? You’ve come to the right place. In today’s lifestyle, smartphones play an essential role, and almost everyone has one. 

These modern cell phones can do versatile activities, and many people share their secrets and keep data in them. That includes multimedia files, web browser history, text messages, social media chats, etc.

Therefore, to know what someone’s up to, you’ll need to watch everything happening on their mobile device. That’s where Spyic software comes into action. 

Part 1: How to See Another Person’s Cell Phone Activities Secretly

Most smartphone systems have vulnerableness, making it possible to use apps like Spyic to view a target’s phone happenings. However, before doing anything, you have to know why and what you want to gain by keeping tabs on a person’s phone activities. 

  • Do you want to find out about your spouse’s potential affair? 
  • Do you want to look at what your kids do on their devices to keep them safe? 
  • Do you want to supervise employees or know who’s leaking company secrets? 

Knowing that determines the kind of project you want Spyic to carry out. Without further ado, let’s see what’s Spyic and what capabilities it possesses.

Spyic: The Best Way to View Someone Else’s Phone Activities Without Permission

What is a Spyic solution? It’s a well-known software that you can use to view another person’s phone activities 24/7. The app has often featured on renowned media platforms like 9to5Mac Tech Advisor and Tom’s Guide. 

Besides, Spyic is a trustworthy and reliable brand working in 190+ countries with over a million users depending on it every day. The revolutionary tool can support both iOS and Android variants.

It’s user-friendly, affordable, reliable, safe, and 100% secure. Your personal information is protected since the software doesn’t store, view, or offer someone else’s access to it. It ensures nobody sees your data once you log out.   

Spyic deploys cutting edge technologies to operate 100% discreetly. Your target won’t ever suspect or notice that you’re watching everything they do on their cell phone. Read on to find out how Spyic is capable of doing that.  

Part 2: How to View Target’s Phone Activities Without Them Knowing

Spyic lets you go through what your target does on their phone. Here’s how the fully restrained software works in stealth mode:

  • In iOS Devices

You won’t need access to the target’s device in this variant since Spyic doesn’t need an app to function. Instead, it uses the iCloud backup feature to obtain data remotely. All you’ll need is the person’s iCloud logins and a Spyic subscription.

Even better, the tool doesn’t ask you to jailbreak the victim’s device to avoid breaking its security. You’ll access the target’s phone data instantly at any time while you remain anonymous. 

  • In Android Version

Conflictingly, when the target’s phone or tablet runs on Android, you have to download the Spyic app. The coolest part about it is that once the app installs successfully, you can hide the app icon to avoid detection. 

Besides, Spyic runs silently in the background. There’s no need to root the target’s device and the 2MB app takes less space. If you want to get rid of the app in the future, you can uninstall it remotely, so the victim never finds out. 

You can also learn more about the Spyic software and have a feel of it by trying out its free live demo. 

Let’s see what phone activities you can view using Spyic: 

What Can You Achieve with Spyic? 

Spyic has a set of exclusive phone surveillance features that can get you real-time insights into the following: 

  • Text Messages and iMessages: You can read all sent out and received texts with Spyic. Also, you can access messages previously deleted.  
  • Social Media Apps: With this feature, you can see things your target shares on social networks, including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp.  
  • Phone’s GPS Location: You can obtain the target’s phone’s exact location coordinates to know their whereabouts. 
  • Call History: Spyic helps you to view both the incoming and outgoing calls along with the caller’s details.
  • Web Browser History: You can see the target’s phone browser searches and websites accessed from your PC or phone.

Part 3: Why Spyic is Leading in the Phone Surveillance Industry?

A simple search on the internet for the best way to view someone’s phone activities will give you different options. However, some online tools are a hoax to blackmail you. Here’re some of the reasons why Spyic stands out from the crowd: 

  • No Technical Skills 

You won’t need any coding experience to use Spyic since it does all the complicated job for you. Besides, you won’t breach the target’s device security as there’s no jailbreaking or rooting required.

  • Stealth Mode Operation 

Spyic doesn’t consume much phone resources and uses bleeding-edge stealth mode tech to operate without detection. The user can’t suspect it’s present since it drains less power battery and uses less space. 

  • Web-Based UI

One great attribute about Spyic is that it is fully online-based. That means you can access your online dashboard from any corner of the world. It has a straightforward, intuitive user interface and works with any web browser.  


‘How can someone take a look at a target’s phone activities without their knowledge?’ That’s one of the frequently asked questions. If you wish to access another person’s phone data, we highly recommend you try out Spyic. 

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