Dash Cams And GPS Trackers – The Best On-Road Security Measures

What is a GPS Tracking System?

A GPS (Global Positioning System) tracker is a device that allows you to track and monitor the movements of your vehicle. It is not to be confused with a GPS navigation system that provides you with driving directions, whereas, the GPS tracker provides information on the location and movements of your vehicle. Quite a few GPS tracking systems are capable of providing the real-time location of the vehicle, some trackers also alert the driver if they cross the speed limit.

The trackers that are used for GPS are made in a way that the location of the tracker can be found by a network of satellites and thus providing the location of the vehicle. The technology used in GPS driver tracker is the same technology used in GPS navigation systems, only a driver tracking app is a little.

Benefits of a GPS Tracking System

There are many benefits that one can derive out of a GPS tracking system, listed below are a few of them.


GPS tracker for car and other vehicles are very useful, you can always track the movements of your car even when you’re not using it, when you’ve lent it to somebody or if you need to find your car in a parking lot filled with cars.

Theft Prevention

Vehicle theft, be it a car or a truck, is not uncommon but with the help of GPS tracker for cars/trucks and other motor vehicles, you can locate your car with the help of the tracker and inform the police.

Tracking Your Costs

Apart from individuals, companies also benefit a lot from the GPS tracking system. With the help of the tracking system, you can track if your drivers are going over the speed limit and wasting fuel. Because keeping a track of even small things will amount to big savings for a company.


The productivity of the drivers in a fleet can be judged with the help of a GPS tracker. It will help you track their breaks and see if they’re taking any unscheduled breaks during work and helps you calculate any overtime done by the drivers.

Better Operations

With such detailed information being provided by the GPS tracking system regarding the functioning and whereabouts of your fleet, it will give you better control over the operation to ensure it’s smooth running.


With real-time updates being provided by the GPS tracking system you will know exactly where your driver is. This feature makes it easier to know about the completion of the assignment.

What are Dash Cams?

In simple words, a camera that is mounted on the dashboard of your vehicle which is designed to record your drive for security reasons is known as a Dash Cam.

They are used to recall incidents with the utmost accuracy, be it a false insurance claim, accident or reckless driving. Dashcams can be used to capture all these incidents to help you with security and evidence if you find yourself in a tight situation.

Dashcams for trucks are a little more sophisticated than the standard dash cams that are used for cars. The wide-angle lens of the dash cams allows the driver to clearly see the turns and the road ahead. Dashcams for trucks are also fitted with fleet management software which allows the companies to track and manage the trucks that delivering their goods.

How the Trucking Industry Utilizes Dash Cams

In recent times, dash cams have started to play a vital role in the trucking industry. Reports show that more and more fleet drivers are installing dash cams for the benefits they have to offer.

Improving safety, enhanced driver coaching programs are just a few of the reasons why the dash cams are being used more and more today.


Dashcams for trucks, allow companies to access the data and information regarding critical safety events like collisions, accelerating or hard braking. This helps the company in reducing the number of accidents and in making the roads a safer place for everyone else.

Enhanced Driver Training

Fleet managers are responsible for improving their coaching programs for their fleet drivers and they use dashcam footage for that same purpose. They show drivers what to do and what not

to do when they’re driving. This helps the drivers understand the risks of not paying attention to the road and hopefully makes them a much more cautious fleet driver.

Driver Protection

The road is one of the most uncertain places to be, anyone will agree with that and in the event of an accident where a truck is involved, the truck driver is usually held responsible until proven innocent. This is where the dash cams come to rescue the fleet drivers, with physical evidence that can be produced in front of the authorities to prove their innocence.

Reduce False Insurance Claims

A recent study showed that non-commercial or passenger vehicles are at fault at least 80% of the time, in the event of a truck-passenger vehicle accident. Dashcam allows the authorities to see the road through the eyes of the driver to identify what went wrong. This, in turn, helps in reducing false claims by others and potential liabilities.


Be it a GPS tracker or a Dash Cam, both these devices provide a feeling of comfort and security, and for the right reasons. With such features being introduced, it makes the road a safer place for everyone.

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