Top 10 Apps for iPhones in 2014

Carousel by Dropbox

With a wealth of new apps hitting iTunes everyday, it is hard to know which ones stand out for being superb and which ones are a waste of space on your iPhone. We have all bought an app that has been a let down a time or two. Before you decide to download a new app, check out this list of top iPhone apps for 2014.


1. EndlessTV– You don’t have to have internet connection or wifi to play News, television shows, and videos. The app searches for the best videos to download to your device so that you can watch them later.


2. Google Play Music– You have the ability to store over 20,000 songs on the Cloud and play them on your device whenever you like. With the unlimited skip abilities, if you don’t feel like listening to a specific song, you don’t have to be penalized for skipping over it. Another great feature is that you will be given music suggestions based off of your specific tastes.

Google Play Music

3. Umano– If you don’t have time to read what is on the internet, consider listening to what is out there. With this app, you have the ability to hear news stories, blog posts, and other interesting articles that are narrated by professional voice actors. There is a growing number of articles being added to the catalog daily.

Umano iPhones app

Business Helps

1.– This is a very helpful to-do list app that can give you a way to write out your list of tasks for the day, and check them off when they are completed. It has the ability to cloud sync, give you reminders, and speech recognition to name a few.

2. Fantastical 2– A calendar app that has been recently updated and includes many new features that specifically have the i0S 7 operating system in mind. Through voice dictation, you can add things to your calendar. Some of the other features include: viewing Facebook events, seeing a map where an event will be held, and easy to edit events that are scheduled.

Fantastical 2

3. Genius Sca+– With this scanning app, you can easily and quickly turn your important documents, receipts or other information into JPEG or PDF files. Once they are scanned, simply email them to yourself or the appropriate party. This scanning app does a lot of the legwork for you, because it will crop and adjust the picture as necessary.

Genius Scan+

4. Microsoft Business Mobile– No matter where you are, you can access your Microsoft and Excel documents, or PowerPoint and edit them as need be. Some other great features include the ability to receive an attachment and edit on your phone. It is the perfect companion for your business life.

Microsoft Business Mobile

Personal Interests

1. Carousel by Dropbox– With this app, you can have access to all of your videos and pictures whenever you like. Their latest update does automatic backup from your camera. Shareability is also easily done.

Carousel by Dropbox

2. Circa News– Pulling important news stories from all around the world, you will be given enough information to stay up-to-date with what is going on. You will have the ability to read about many different events without spending much time.

Circa News

3. Find My Phone– If you are known for misplacing your phone, the search is over with this app. Not only does this work for your phone, but all of your apple devices. When you misplace your phone or other device, log on with the account you used for Cloud and it will lock your screen so that it cannot be used. Then it will prompt anyone who has found your phone to contact you. It also displays your phone’s location on a map in the event you leave it while out somewhere.

Find My Phone

These are some of the top iPhone apps for 2014 that have been given high ratings for being easy to use and have great functionality. Hopefully you will find some use of these apps on your phone for personal and business uses.

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