Tips For Developing An Organic Following

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One of the most important things to remember about building a following is that there are two types: organic and paid. Developing organic engagement from users used to be much easier, but with the increasing number of individuals using social media and the growing number of businesses vying for consumer attention, it’s important to understand the rules of engagement when it comes to developing an organic social media following.

Pin Your Top Performing Post To The Top Of Your Profile

If you have a social media post that performed, keep it at the top for all to see. This strategy showcases the audience that has already chosen to engage with you and encourages others to do the same. Capitalize on that mob mentality and viral mindset that says, “If others shared it, it must be good,” and you may just find that others will share it too.

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In order for this tip to work, you have to be sure it’s worth sharing. Be sure that the post is relevant and timely, and when it no longer is, switch it out for another. Learn statistics and best practices for pinning a Tweet or Facebook post on your social media platforms.

Create Share-Worthy Content On Your Social Media Sites

Creating shareable content is important. Whether it’s a blog, a link, or content you’ve curated from other sources, remember that share-worthy content can start generating traffic to your site. There are many social media sites are excellent choices for curating content.

Curating means you can provide information and build your sense of expertise while generating a consistent flow of social media content that will get the attention of readers.

Because blog posts, videos, and other content will allow you to build a community of consumers without being overly self-promotional, you are more likely to see the benefits of creating consistent and interesting content on your social media sites. Be sure to focus content around a few topics that are relevant to your brand so that it does not seem out of place.

Choose The Right Hashtags

Whether you use the Instagram feature of suggested hashtags or you utilize one that you know is trending, utilize hashtags that will draw attention to your brand. Many businesses use hashtags when they host promotions or giveaways. Hashtags are an effective way to announce these events over social media, including business activities, contests, or other promotions.

From branded hashtags to community hashtags, you can find many ways to engage your followers and increase consumer interest by mixing up what you do with hashtags. Remember that the goal is to use hashtags in ways that find untapped markets and pockets of interest in your product, so using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook business tools may help you find what will work best for your particular industry.

Run A Contest That Involves Tagging And Sharing

It costs you next to nothing to do a little promotional giveaway that encourages people to tag friends as entries. Consumers are more likely to engage with you if they have a chance to get something. You may want to have “Weekly Deals” that include sale section where customers can score the best deals, or you may also find that contest marketing ideas will work for your brand.

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These generate a great deal of interest in your business and are of very little cost to you. A photo or a caption contest can drive a great deal of interest, and result in user-generated content that will encourage traffic to your site. Even a voting contest will trigger entries because they offer ease of participation and users may encourage family and friends to your site in order to vote or tag them in the promotional giveaway.

Buy Real Followers

People mistakenly believe that the most important factor in social media success is the number of followers a business has, essentially equating the number of followers to the level of popularity. As a result, they attempt to boost their following by buying followers. But for brands looking to influence people in their industry, there must be real people behind the perceived numbers.

Becoming a thought leader in your field of expertise means that real followers pay attention you because you provide interesting ideas and concepts worth listening to. Real followers engage with you and with your content and organically grow your brand and your business over time in a way that is more natural and long-lasting. As a result, it’s important that, if you choose to buy Instagram followers, you choose to do target only real followers. This is a critical key to long-term social media success for your business and your brand.

What are some ways you have grown a following in your company? Share your ideas here.

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