How To Use Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are one of the most misunderstood features on the platform. So many people do what is called the spaghetti against the wall and hope it sticks tactics and we all seen those bad mistakes where they are using #kimkadarshian and #love in hopes of getting found by a ton of people but there is a much better way to be strategic with hashtags for your business

We all know hashtags are the secret sauce on Instagram but how many should you use? Where should you use them? 

Which one should you use? Here we are going to see some super secret tricks to not only get your content found more often, but to actually get more followers. One can use around 30 hashtags, anything beyond that won’t show up in search but your first 30 are free to use however you want.

Hashtags are a use it or lose it tool i.e if you use the hashtags there is a chance you are going to get found, if you do not, there is no chance to get found so more is better in general. 

Use as many as you can use strategically. You wanna combine a variety of hashtags. 

In order to figure out how popular a hashtag is, if you go into the search on Instagram, go to the magnifying glass, and start typing in a hashtag in the search results, it will tell you how many posts are associated with each of those hashtags. So you are gonna pick three to five popular hashtags.

By popular in the low to mid-hundreds of thousands up to a million for a specific hashtag. Anything over a million basically becomes irrelevant to you because it is so saturated with the content that the only thing you are going to attract are spambots and we do not want that. Instagram bot allows you to filter hashtags based on content automatically which will, in turn, make your posts go viral.

Then you are gonna pick three to five moderate hashtags. These are gonna be hashtags that fall in the kinda high tens of thousands into that mid-hundreds of thousands range and then you gonna pick three to five niche specific.

These are super targeted specifically what you do and your also gonna include one to two branded hashtags so that alone you are already up to 10 – 15 hashtags without even trying. 

So you can easily get 15 to 20. Now the key is to find relevant hashtags for you. We are not gonna use popular hashtags like #love or #vacation, or something that is super popular that everybody is using, because it is not related specifically to you and it is too concentrated. So now that you have picked your hashtags. You know you are gonna use all of these different ones. 

The popular hashtags give you an initial burst of activity from non-followers. But within a matter of seconds maybe into minutes, your content is gonna buried in the archives of those popular hashtags. 

So moderately popular hashtags are gonna keep you active for hours into days so it keeps your content still getting activity and your audience is still liking it as the login into Instagram.

Instagram looks at your content and goes, wow, your followers are liking it consistently, non-followers are seeing it and liking it, then you are creating great content that people really like and then what happens is, in niche-specific hashtags, that are very super-targeted topics that you choose, you start ranking as a top-performing post, it can stay in the top placements for months, even.

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