4 Popular Video Apps Trending On Social Media

The market of video content is in a booming phase. For hours people are glued on to a particular video platform. Today YouTube still seems to be popular among video creators, but other apps are providing tough competition. With the apps, you are able to create and edit videos before you share with your friends. The apps pave ways to develop and create fun, creative videos.

Here is the list of popular apps on social media.


It started its journey as a photo-sharing platform but of late has gone on to rule the platform. The main reason is that the company launched a dedicated IGTV for all video creators. Generally, most of the creators like on TikTok or Like apps to share it on the app due to its massive appeal.

With the help of this app, the users are able to share and edit audio and video files. A list of available filters is there in order to make the post more interesting. A direct message along with video calls are some other options. In case if you are not aware of what is trending, check out on the explore section and figure out the popular audio and video files on this platform.


This is a popular social media app that would allow you to be creating with your videos and audios. In fact, you can go on to share it with other users. People are using apps to get followers on TikTok. From all over the globe there are millions of videos formulated that you can watch. Close to 100 odd emoji stickers are available for free. With the app, you can formulate numerous audio and video clips for free. In case of you not being a creator, you can use this app to flip through the videos.


It is a similar sort of app with the available tools, you are able to create videos. In this app, there are a series of editing tools making your task a lot easier. There is a list of popular or dangerous dialogues that you can use in your app. There are videos of superpowers that you can create and even of the earth through simple body movements. No limit exists in terms of your creativity levels.

A lot of accolades this app has won as the best social media app and even the top entertainment app. This event showcases the popularity of this app among the users. In case if you are considering a recommendation of TikTok then this is the app to be considering.


Most of the social media apps can be downloaded from the Vidmate app that has been a revolution of sorts. This app is free of cost and you can download multiple videos at the same time. In fact, there is a list of popular and trending videos that allows you to choose videos as per your choice. You do not have to depend upon internet connection in order to access this app.

To sum it up in order to download this app, the best platform is Vidmate as this promises a one-stop solution for your needs.

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