The Ultimate Wall art Guide – Different Types and Styles

Wall arts look amazing in every room and are very soothing to the eyes. With so many options available, we have to choose our piece according to the area’s aura.  

Choosing from a wide range of wall art can get a little exhausting. Fortunately, we have an ultimate guide about different styles of wall art that will help you to pick the style of your choice.

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art looks bold and suits the contemporary style. Imagine a  blend of furniture with the wall color and unique abstract art on the accent wall. It seems like the center of the attraction, which is very worth it.

Vibrant Wall art

Vibrant wall art has a pop of color. They look outstanding on dark backgrounds and bring out the spark. The color combinations brighten up your area. They look excellent in the living room.

Coloring Canvas

Coloring canvas generally has beautiful black color drawings of patterns on white backgrounds. These types of canvas calm your soul and keep worries away. They compliment the porch area or a cozy corner.

Graffiti Wall art

Graffiti wall art stands out from the rest of the art. You can hang this wall art in your room. Little animatic, it compliments your taste if you like them. 

Artist Wall art

Wall arts with different legendary artists look awe-inspiring. In addition, the unique color combination and details of these portraits look perfect. You can order your favorite artist’s picture and hang it at the entrance of your room. You can buy trending wall art at ElephantStock or other popular stores to update your home.

Nature Wall art

Nature wall arts are always going to be gorgeous kinds of wall arts. The greenery or icy mountains in large canvases will always compliment your decor.

Animal Wall art


Animal wall art looks good with modern decor. The detailing and the picture seems serene. Multiple animals in their niche are the purest form of joy. These pictures give a freshness to your set.

Geometric Print Wall art

Geometric prints like lines, angles, and different shapes add curiosity to your decor. The images create an illusion and look great on your home walls.

Landmark Wall art

Wall arts with famous landmarks and places reflect your interests. You can add them to your room. It suits a travel theme and looks gorgeous.


Black and White Wall Decor

Black and white framed wall decor looks excellent with study rooms and office decor. However, it maintains the decorum and still says too much.

Music Wall art

It can be hung on your activity room wall or the hallway wall. The canvas with images of notes, instruments will reflect your interests.

Quoted Wall art

The wall arts with famous phrases look very interesting. You can hang your favorite lines or words in the form of classic wall art.

Bonus Tip

You can explore all the types and styles of wall art according to your likes and the space. Remember a wall art should cover sixty to seventy percent of the wall. So if your wall art is over a piece of furniture, it should be two-thirds or three-fourths of the table.

It creates a focal point, compliments your decor. Experiment with different styles and types, and enjoy the beauty of wall arts.

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