The Outstanding Discoveries Of Playing Sudoku Game

Many of us like to spend time-solving crosswords and puzzles, such as Sudoku. This numerical rebus has been actively gaining popularity since the mid-1980s. Today Sudoku is published in all kinds of periodicals, and collections of these puzzles of various difficulty levels are becoming very popular applications. Why Sudoku attracts people so much?

The Secret of Success

Sudoku, at first glance, is an extremely simple and understandable rebus. To solve it, you don’t require a certain knowledge or vocabulary. The basis of the puzzle is a square divided into nine smaller squares (3 by 3), each of which is also divided into nine cells — vertically and horizontally. That is, the main Sudoku field is represented by 81 cells. They must be filled in with numbers from 1 to 9 so that they are not repeated either in a row, in a column, or in separate nine squares.

At the same time, in each puzzle, some hint numbers are initially affixed. Their order and location determine the decision of the rebus. The more clues mean that this is a classic easy Sudoku puzzle. The most difficult version can have a total of 17-16 clues.

Outstanding Discoveries

To solve the game, you can use many rules and strategies deduced by fans of this puzzle. For example, the most obvious of them: view the initially most filled rows and columns. Or rely solely on your own logic and memory. Many scientists are exploring Sudoku. For example, they count how many arrangement options, combinations of numbers are for a standard Sudoku size of 9×9. They also establish how many clues for the puzzle can have one single correct solution.

Overcoming Depression

The rules of the game are quite simple, and anyone can follow them. However, the outward resemblance to mathematical problems, the solution of which is traditionally considered to be difficult and intellectual, increases the value of Sudoku in our eyes, making it possible to experience a sense of legitimate pride and satisfaction, if won, and thereby increase our self-esteem.

Besides, filling the cells with numbers, we realize our need to restore order in everything and harmonize the surrounding reality. Straining the brain to avoid repetition, and ordering a seemingly incoherent set of numbers, we canalize our negative emotions and find inner peace.

Of course, it should be noted that Sudoku is not only interesting to solve, but also useful. Numerous studies have proved the beneficial effect of solving this puzzle on the brain. Indeed, in this process, memory is activated, logical thinking is working, mental activity, in general, is stimulated!

Sudoku solution can develop attention, strategic thinking and more. And most importantly, each puzzle solved by one’s own efforts is a small victory, and it makes a person happier. For the sake of this, you should take the time to Sudoku!

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