How Online Bingo Is Trying To Capture A Younger Audience

There’s an unfair stereotype against bingo, labeling it solely as a game for the elderly to enjoy. However, this stereotype just isn’t true, bingo is a game for people of all ages. In fact, it has particularly been in the past few years that the popular game has become even more trendy than before, especially with students and a younger audience in general.

There have been a number of great new imaginings of bingo coming onto the scene, including online versions of the game, versions which involve popular TV shows, such as I’m A Celeb, and then, of course, Bongo’s Bingo, which has proven to be a particularly huge hit within the student community. There are more ways than ever before to get involved, so if you haven’t already given the game a go, right now is without a doubt the very best time to do so!

I’m A Celeb Bingo

The popular British TV show I’m A Celebrity…. Get Me Out Here! is due back onto our screens this month, with its wacky bushtucker trials and overdramatic celebrity contestants. Excitingly, this year a number of I’m A Celeb bingo games have been released ahead of the new series, allowing fans to play along with the show. This new reimagining of bingo is super fun and simple to get on board with. It makes for a great evening with friends and family and for an even juicer viewing of the show.

The I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! bingo rules are even easier to follow than the rules for your typical game of bingo, where the cards would ordinarily contain numbers ranging either from 1-99, or 1-75. With the I’m A Celeb bingo game, though, the numbers have been replaced with different scenarios, such as “This year’s bombshell strips off and showers by the creek” or “A campmate lies about how many stars they won in the bush tucker trial”. As and well as these classic I’m A Celeb scenarios play out in the show, you check them off of your bingo card. The first player to check off all the scenarios on their card wins — it’s that simple!

These bingo cards can be found online and are downloadable. You can either play online on your phone or tablet or alternatively you might choose to print the cards out. This new version of a classic game is brilliant fun and ideal for any students wanting a cheap night in! If you haven’t given it a go already, then you definitely should.

Bongo’s Bingo

Apparently, the idea for Bongo’s Bingo started out as a bit of a laugh but has developed into an internationally renowned event, with events happening in 42 major cities around the globe. Bongo’s Bingo typically consists of several rounds of bingo, broken up with rave intervals, dance-offs, and celebrity entertainment.

Fundamentally, Bongo’s Bingo is just bingo but played alongside lots of booze and additional pockets of fun. The event is not only popular with students and young people but also older people too. Apparently, it’s not uncommon to spot all three generations making the most of Bongo’s. Co-founders Jonny Bongo and Joshua Burke have reportedly put a great deal of the event’s success down to its uniqueness — there aren’t many events out there that are like Bongo’s!

Online Bingo

In recent years, online bingo has exploded in popularity with people of all age ranges, but especially the younger generation. Online versions of the classic game provide not only more convenient playing, but also a much greater selection of games to delve into. There are literally thousands of games out there to choose from, and many bingo sites also have online chat rooms, meaning the social side of the game isn’t completely compromised. These online games are great fun and give you the opportunity to bag yourself big cash prizes!

However, whilst the potential to win big cash prizes is of course hugely exciting, you must take care not to get too carried away with wanting bingo success. As with any form of gambling, it can be easy to overspend, so be sure to set yourself a strict spending budget if you think you might benefit from having one.

Bingo has always been great fun, but these new imaginings of the game are bringing even more of a buzz and excitement to the game. More young people than ever before are getting on board with, and loving bingo, from online versions of the game, to I’m a Celeb versions, to the wacky, loveable, craze that is Bongo’s Bingo. Now is a brilliant time to start playing if you haven’t already – just always make sure that you don’t put yourself in danger of getting too carried away!

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