GoPro Launches Hero5 And Karma Drone to Combat Nikon’s KeyMission 360

It has been nearly two years sine we first saw the release of the GoPro Hero4. Today we are getting our first look at the sleek and surprisingly affordable GoPro Hero5 and the GoPro Karma Drone. Both releases come at the same time as Nikon has released it’s most advanced action camera systems to date.

The market for action cameras and the corresponding gear has seen a skyrocket in sales since they introduced 4k video options. Everyone from action sports starts like Shaun White to TV shows like the Bachelorette use GoPro’s to get the shots bulky hand operated cameras could not. And with GoPro introducing their first ever drone into the market, the entertainment industry is sure to eat it up.

GoPro Karma Drone

Despite the saturation of drones on the market GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) has positioned themselves to cut the competition down to size. The Karma drone has a smart-user-friendly design, sturdy, and folds to fit easily in a backpack. Folding flat is a great perk since it cuts out any reassembly time so you can get straight to flying.

The Karma offers a 3 axis gimbal to aid video stabilization. They have also positioned the camera near the front of the drone to avoid the propellers being in the shot. This design gives it yet another advantage over other drones on the market.

Unlike other drones however the Karma will not necessarily come with a camera. However both the Hero4 and the new Hero5 will be comparable with the Karma which means it will be able to capture breath taking video in both 4k and 2k resolutions. Consumers will be happy to know the packages for the Karma and camera start at $999. However you can get the Karma and the Hero5 for $1099 which isn’t a bad deal.

GoPro Hero5

At first glance the Hero5 may look like just another cute and compact release from GoPro, however much has changed since the Hero4 was released. The Hero4 came in two editions Black and Silver. The Black option was more expensive and more powerful. It shot 4K video at a full 30 frames per second, and 1080P hi-def footage at 120 frames per second. This is what drew the attention of industry professionals and caused them to start using them in television.

Now the Silver only shot at 2K footage at 30 frames per second, but it had the advantage of having a digital touch screen which allows for much simpler shot composition as you don’t require an additional monitor to view and set your shot.

GoPro has taken the best of both these devices and has created their most fit action camera to date. The Hero5 combines the ability to shoot 4K at up to 30 fps like the Black as well as the highly valuable and time consuming digital touch screen previously available on the Hero4.

The camera continues to be incredibly durable. Without any additional water housing the Hero5 is capable of being submerged 30 feet in water, straight out of the box. The camera is also capable of responding to voice commands and will have a revolutionary new cloud feature. The feature will be called GoPro Plus and will allow you to store all your videos and photos on the cloud to be accessed whenever and wherever on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Consumers will also be pleased to learn the Hero5 comes at a price drop compared to the Hero4, starting at just $399.

Nikon Steps into The Ring

Way back in January Nikon gave us a first glimpse at what would be the KeyMission 360, the companies first attempt at a true action camera. Today we learned a whole lot more about the device set to take on GoPro.

Nikon has introduced two additional models the KeyMission 170, and KeyMission 80. These are some clean looking cameras and they have the tech inside to back up their pretty exterior. Starting at $500 the KeyMission 360 joins the ranks of many other cameras now capable of shooting 360 degrees.

The device uses two cameras to capture the entire scene while all video stitching is done automatically. Unlike the GoPro Hero5 the KeyMission 360 only shoots 4K video at up to 24p, but in 360 degrees so it has that on the Hero5. Additionally the KeyMission 360 is waterproof up to 98 feet without added casing. This is a much further depth than the Hero5 making it the more valuable camera for divers and research teams.

The other two models are the KeyMission 170 and KeyMission 80. The KeyMission 170 is the closest in the bunch to being GoPro ripoff. Like the 360 it shoots 4k at 24fps and is water and shock proof.

Lastly the KeyMission 80 is the device meant for capturing those rugged videos you aren’t willing to risk filming with your iPhone because you may drop it in a river, lake, volcano, moss pit or protest rally. It is a solid device and will only set you back a measly $280. Well worth buying in order to save your $1000 smart phone from the perils of everyday life.

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