The Art of Wall Art: Choosing Wall Art That Inspires You

Wall art is not looked into from the beginning of the room decor process and instead is treated as an after-thought. What if we tell you that wall art is one of the most prime factors in interior decor and should be given the highest priority? The messages in true art and culture can transform lives and inspire human beings to pursue a better reality. The right art can transform your humble abode into a place of creative inspiration.

Art inspires our innermost desires. Art inspires us to BE more passionate. If you push art to the sidelines, then my friend, you are missing out on exquisite design opportunities. The Art of Wall Art is the first, and one of the most important lessons for a professional Interior Designer.

It is okay to feel nervous about giving such priority to Wall Art in your almost perfect design plans. This article will help you make up your mind to choose the right art piece that will make your beautiful home, a congruous place to live in.

Why It Inspires Us

Take a look at any art piece in a gallery. What do you see? Amazing craftsmanship? The perfect shade and amount of colors? Now look beyond the canvas. You will notice that you can see the artist’s vision for the art piece. You can feel the artist’s emotion hidden in the colors of the art. Like music, art can trigger raw emotions. It can make you weirdly satisfied, or it can make you cry. It can draw you in, or it can irritate you.

Art has no language. It transcends borders and centuries. Once you become emotionally invested in art, you’ll stop and notice that the ordinary things are filled with such deep meaning. Art and music take the dullest things and turn them into these beautiful moments of pearl. Art speaks of the reality we are in. Pablo Picasso’s most famous work, Guernica is one such example.

More than a painting, it was a powerful and political statement. It was a reaction to the bombings in the Basque town of Guernica by the Nazis. Guernica shows the pain and suffering of innocent people during a war. Today. The famous painting is a symbol of peace. It reminds us of the tragedies of war and promotes tranquillity.

The Art you choose for your home speaks for you. It defines the atmosphere of the room it is in. It is understandable if you don’t find the kind of art you’re looking for. You can find various kinds of prints on canvas and even design your canvas once you have decided the tone of your room. Let’s go ahead and see what roles does Art play in your home.

Art Adds To The Focus Of The Room

The importance of art pieces or hangings in the room lies in the fact that they draw every viewer towards them when anyone enters the room. So it is a given that wall arts should be made by following the furniture and the color of the walls and the doors and the windows, which would add up to produce a beautiful ambiance making your house feel like a ‘home.’

When selecting wall art that resonates with you, it’s important to consider pieces that bring joy and inspiration to your space. For a unique and captivating option, here are the findings featuring Agatha the Highland Cow, a framed canvas that adds charm and character to any room. This delightful piece can elevate your home décor and reflect your personal style.

If your art piece is too big, it might appear to overdo the decor of the room. If your wall art is too small, one might not notice it easily. So while putting up your wall art, keep in mind to take the measurements of the available space.

Art Adds A Sense Of Completeness To The Room

Just like flowers define the beauty of a garden, wall arts, and art fixtures add beauty to the wall of your room. It depends not only on the room but also on the texture of the wall, the furniture, the designs on the ceiling(if any) and other related fixtures.

Wall hangings are a crucial part of the room décor, so be very careful in choosing the right frame and print of your cushion covers and patterns of your sofa fabric. The finishing touch to makeup is what art is to a room in your house.

Art Adds A Tone To The Room

Keeping in mind the tone of the room, you can use 2D paintings and some quotes framed near to each other. Then I would also suggest using 3D paintings on the opposite wall with a console below. Some sculptures highlight the corner they are in, texturizing all the items present nearby.

Colors have a voice of their own communicating their way through the canvas. Not only do they blend with their surroundings (if used accordingly), they can also make a room appear bigger or smaller! Plus it can change the mood relating to different emotions.

Art Can Mirror Your Personality

Your room decor is highly suggestive of your mindset and personality. From the fancy frames that you put on the walls to the rug, a clear impression is received by your visitors. So they must get the correct idea which happens only when you are careful enough to use the right wall art, the right texture of your fabric, the aesthetic lamps or lanterns and even the glass patterns on the window.

Defines Your Space

The art in a room characterizes its functional usability along with improving its appearance. On noticing the decor of one room, one can understand its utility.

For example, you can keep interesting art pieces or wall hangings like canvas prints and all in your living room where the sofa and the entertainment unit is present since this room is frequented mostly by the members of the family as well as guests.

Bathrooms and kitchens do not have any extra art-work or artifact other than a cupboard, refrigerator, microwave oven, etc.- the kitchen essentials only. Similarly, the bathroom is also designed keeping only its utility in mind, thereby keeping as much as empty floor space possible. Nowadays, abstract artworks or motivational quotes design one’s study room, thereby creating the environment for study, focussed work.

Summing Up

When it comes to decor, DIY for your own home, crafted by you is the best artwork that can be hung up on your wall.

By now, you already know that art is a state of mind. The Art piece in your abode should represent whatever you feel like, who you are as human, and what you represent. You don’t have to go after the trend or whatever your peeps are after. Remember, you are unique, and your taste is too. Good Luck!

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