Disposable CBD Vape Pens – How They Work

CBD which is short for cannabidiol is an extract from hemp which is a cannabis plant, CBD has a lot of advantages and its use has been on the rise. CBD is used to treat various diseases and conditions. Due to its rising popularity, it has necessitated the need to invent new ways into which you can get CBD in your body.

Over the years, CBD oil sprays and drops were the popular alternatives, users apply under the tongue. Vape pens have become a new and popular way in which people are taking CBD. It has opened up new avenues and it comes with a lot of benefits that were not even possible using the oral tinctures.

Users have recorded having felt the effects faster and able to enjoy the flavor of the CBD, it has helped in quickly alleviating chronic pain and anxiety. Others have found relief with a delta 8 THC cartridge.

CBD Pens

There are various CBD pens in the market to suit various needs that you may have. CBD is mostly used on concentrate vape pens, because it comes as an oil substrate. The main CBD vape pens are:

Reusable: this is a vape pen that you can use more than once; they are rather expensive and are treated as long term investments. There are two types of reusable CBD vape pens:

1. Cartridge Vape Pens- these are vape pens that once used, you replace the cartridge, and the cartridge is not connected permanently to the heating element making it easy to replace it.  Your pen comes with a take full of concentrate, it contains CBD vape oil and some additives, the additives add flavor and some add terpenes to make the vapor have a nice smell.

2. Refillable Vape Pens – this consists of a tank that is permanently connected to the heating element, once the concentrate is over, you need to refill the tank.

Disposable: this type of vape pen has a limited time span. Once the concentrate is over, you throw it away as it becomes obsolete.

Disposable CBD Vape Pens

Disposable CBD vape pens are a onetime use only vape pen; it has a maximum number of puffs you can draw from the pen. Most CBD vape pens come with a limit of about 100-200 puffs. The battery is specially designed to last for the specified puffs, the battery is not rechargeable and it uses 150-threaded batteries.

The batteries are draw-activated, this means that the battery will power the coils once it senses you drawing from it, it has a chip that measures airflow and is sensitive to your pull, this then adjusts the battery to power up the element, the element will burn the element according to your pull and give you the vapor that complements your pull. Some vape pens do come with buttons and adjustable temperature controls but are very rare.

Disposable CBD vape pens are ready b to use and they produce vapor on-demand, you don’t need to wait for it to power up and heat up the oil, this makes it a good starter kit for those looking to venture into the world of vaping.

Your pen comes with a take full of concentrate, it contains CBD oil and some additives, the additives add flavor and some add terpenes to make the vapor have a nice smell. The cartridges are limited to certain flavors and strains; it is best you do a search for available options and pick one that may suit your desires.

The battery powers the atomizer, the atomizer is otherwise known as the heating element. The atomizer can vary temperatures according to your pull. The atomizer operates between 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit; this causes the oil to evaporate to form a vapor.

Once the vape pen has ended, you need to throw it away as it cannot be refilled and you can’t exchange the cartridge. If you want a seemingly never-ending supply of CBD or THC growing can be an advantageous decision to make. Georgia Pie Seeds are a good place to start your growing adventure.

Benefits Of A Reusable Pen

Reusable CBD pens are good for beginners as they are easy to use and provide vapor on demand, if you don’t have any expertise operating vape pens, then its better you start off with reusable ones due to their low maintenance and basic operating procedures, automatic vapor concentration depending on your pull will not choke you or give off too much vapor that you may not like.

Its more effective than other methods as CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream fast, this makes the CBD act fast to relieve pain and anxiety. You are able to get more out of a small dose of CBD. Vaping CBD can help in reducing your cigarette addiction, it is said that people who sought CBD as a method of quitting smoking have found CBD to be a good alternative to cigarette smoking.

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