The 6 Best Albums on CD Baby You Don’t Know

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There are musical artists that have the major recording deal, huge distribution, and have millions of online streams of their songs played every day. There are independent artists who still have record companies distribute their work to the masses. Then there are artists who create music for the love of music and fund their own albums thanks to companies like CD Baby.

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If you’re looking for the next music or artist with which to fall in love in 2015, then here are some of the best albums that were released through CD Baby in 2014.

#1. Player Select by Starbomb

It’s like listening to a modern version of the B-52s. The lyrics are engaging and the sounds are definitely a throwback to the 1980’s. Accurately described as “Comedy Rock,” the comparison to Tenacious D is rather accurately. As an extra bonus, the Mario impressions are so bad that they’ll make you laugh anyway.

#2. Sun by Thomas Bergersen

An album that was 4 years in the making, Sun lives up to the expectations. With relaxing, rhythmic beats throughout the album, it’s the perfect studying or meditation music. If you love the World music genre, then this is a CD you’ll want to pick up today.

#3. Tob by The Owsley Brothers

There’s a hint of Gothic overtones that can be found on some of the songs on Tob, but for the most part this is an album of lo-fi blues and rock that is reminiscent of the Foo Fighters in the overall consistency of the music that is offered. The lyrics are engaging and there’s just enough punch from the syncopation to keep you moving throughout the album.

#4. Identities Are Changeable by Miguel Zenon

This album is more of an experience than music that you can put on to just enjoy as a distraction. With jazz going on in the background, you’re taken through a unique story that gives the listener a better perspective of the passion that is behind every melody that has been created. It might be difficult to listen to the album on a repetitive playlist, but encountering it every now and then is definitely a pleasurable experience.

#5. Representing by Tribal Seeds

There’s some big stars on this album from the world of Reggae, but that’s not what drives this album home. It’s the focus on the traditions of the genre that come through with every track. “Fill It Up” in particular provides a secure anchor for the album that will keep the foot tapping and the head bobbing as you’re enjoying some down time or getting through the last of the work you have for the day.

#6. Exploding Rainbows by Antisweep

For a different take on electronic music, Exploding Rainbows has a lot to offer. Each track takes you on a unique journey that comes together with an impressive conclusion in “Gutmend” that will literally mend your guts. There may not be any lyrics, but you can still hear the words coming through loud and clear on this album.

What are some of your favorite CD Baby discoveries? Share your favorites below.

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