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5 Ways NFL TV Coverage Could Improve

Ravens vs Steelers
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The NFL is a top notch organization. Sure, they don’t do everything the right way. I could point to the domestic abuse debacle or the concussion issues to see how they have fallen short. But as for delivering a great product to the customer base, they are on the money in general.

Ravens vs Steelers
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The NFL’s TV coverage has come a long way since I was a kid. There were just a couple of games available on Sunday then a Monday Night Football game if I was able to stay up to watch. Today’s coverage is 100 times better than back in the day. That being said, I can see a few ways that the NFL could enhance the TV coverage. Here are my top five NFL TV enhancements.

  1. Live in game audio from the players would be awesome. I know this would be a premium service, but I would enjoy hearing sideline chatter and the trash talking as the game went on. Opponents could pick up on the chatter to use it to their advantage I guess, but that isn’t my problem to worry about.
  2. Multiple camera angles to choose from on my big screen TV would be awesome. I have seen some broadcasts that make this available online so the technology must be there with smart TVs.
  3. The ability to switch the audio of the broadcast team to the radio crew would be great. Some broadcasters can all but ruin a great game with their irritating style. Joe Buck is a prime example.
  4. I want instant fantasy points to pop up on live games. Some highlight shows do a great job with this. But I am looking for live fantasy updates since I am a junkie.
  5. Enhance the zooms on plays that can make or break a team depending on the result of the replay. The picture is in high def so you would think these zooms would be much clearer. I have no idea how to make this happen, but I am guessing adding a multitude of small stationary cameras around the field might be a solution.
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