The 13 Best MP3 Downloaders For iOS

Music is one of the few things in this world that can engage the entire mind at once. It evokes emotion, inspires us to do more, or just work harder when we’re having a bad day. It can also be the place where your cat finds some inspiration too!

Cat Piano

You shouldn’t have to pay a lot to get a lot! Here are some of the best free MP3 music downloaders that you can get on your iPhone or other iOS device.

1. QWE Free Music Download Pro

This iPhone MP3 downloader is 100% free and there are no download limits on it whatsoever. You can search and download all of the legally free tracks that are on SoundCloud right now and you’ll get all of the artwork too. It has precise scrubbing, is supported with remotes, and has full slide and flick integration.

2. Alfadevs

This app lets you listen to millions of free songs, plus you’ll get access to live concerts, user remixes, and DJ sets. You can also play your downloaded tracks offline and it has full iPhone support, even for the 5c and 5s. The music playlists are a lot like you’d see on your iPod as well, making the entire process flow smoothly.

3. MB2


Sometimes the best music is on YouTube. To access these MP3s, then you’ll want MB2 because you’ll be able to play all of your favorite songs! You’ll also have music options from Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes all within the same app.

4. Savy Soda

This is a background iOS music downloader that will let you manage all of your media files quickly and easily on your iPad or iPhone. You can even play or edit your downloaded content directly through the app! Sharing is also a possibility, especially if you’re creating your own MP3 files, thanks to the email, Dropbox, and other shared folder options.

5. MyMP3

This is the perfect iOS free music downloader for those who want to create MP3 files from videos that they’ve viewed on the web. Just use this in conjunction with the MyVid app and you’ll have a good way to create music files incredibly fast!

6. Music Download Plus

This app has full iPhone 5 support and offers the new iOS 7 style skin. You’ll be able to create ringtones out of your favorite MP3 files and downloads happen with just a single tap of the button. The search mechanism through this app is also incredibly useful, giving you the chance to find your favorite songs in just seconds. You can back up all of your music or restore your files from Dropbox, Google Drive, or even Microsoft’s OneDrive.

7. Music Loader Plus

Music Loader Plus

With playlist options that help you repeat and shuffle, along with background playback, this app will take your downloaded MP3s and give you a lot of great options.

8. Spotify

You can’t go wrong with this completely free app for the iPhone. You create your own playlists, listen to your favorite songs, and you’ve got the occasional ad to hear if you don’t want to pay for the premium subscription. It isn’t available in every region as of yet, but you will have music with you wherever you go!

9. Pandora

Although this is more of a streaming radio option than a music downloader option, it is free and works with the iPhone. This means you’ll be able to listen to songs you like from a genre standpoint and with enough customization, you’ll be able to get some routinely good tunes playing through your iOS device.

10. Grooveshark

You can select your own great playlists or choose to listen to other user experiences through this mobile app. You’ll also have a lot of access to older music, especially with the segregated menu options that make finding the perfect single or LP an easy process.

11. Jango


Jango is a lot like other internet radio stations, where you can choose to create an artist radio station or you can choose from a wide variety of genres. It’s free for the iPhone and lets you have a good option for music that is really easy to customize.

12. Noteflight

Why listen to music when  you could create your own? This portable scoring program allows  you to create your own score that you can then play back at your convenience. It’s free for non-commercial use and works through the browser of your iOS device.

13. Digitally Imported

This is the perfect way to enjoy all those modern electronic hits that are being produced on a daily basis. Although dubstep through the iPhone only sounds really good with Beats earbuds, you’ll still get some fast access to your favorite songs.

What is your favorite iPhone or iOS music downloader? Share yours below if it didn’t make this list!

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