Tackling Technophobia: 8 Tips For Overcoming Tech-Related Anxiety

Between setting-heavy smartphones and computers with hundreds of customizations, navigating modern devices can feel like learning a new language for seniors who grew up without 21st-century technology. While younger generations matured alongside modern tech, giving them a more intuitive understanding, many aging adults lack general technological know-how. Because of this information gap, some elderly folks experience overwhelming anxiety when faced with operating high-tech gadgets. 

However, despite widespread nervousness surrounding electronic devices, many aging adults have begun easing their way into new technology. Though it may be challenging to set aside technophobic feelings, seniors who dip their toes into digital arenas often end up praising modern gadgets for their connectivity abilities, mental stimulation, and safety features. If you’re hoping to overcome your tech-related anxiety, read on for six tips for surmounting technophobia.   

Purchase scaled-down smartphones

One way to reduce digital anxiety is by seeking out simplified, senior-friendly products instead of jumping headfirst into overcomplicated gadgets. By opting for scaled-down devices, like user-friendly computers or back-to-the-basics, elder-specific smartphones from Lively Direct, you can appreciate the technological benefits without unnecessary smartphone settings and features derailing you completely. Ultimately, by starting small, you’ll work up your digital tolerance without overwhelming your system. 

Be patient with yourself 

A sure-fire way to discourage yourself during the beginning stages of tech-based learning is by setting unrealistic goals and beating yourself up about insignificant failures. Unfortunately, acclimating to the digital age won’t come without a few bumps and bruises, which is why keeping a positive attitude and remaining patient is critical to success. Remember: modern technology may be fast-paced, but you don’t have to keep up with every update to reap the benefits of the digital world. 

Ask a friend or family member for help 

While you may want to refrain from calling up your token tech-savvy grandchild every time you forget your password, asking for help when learning the technological basics could help you dodge confusion in the future. Chances are, your loved ones are more than willing to step in and guide you through the more complicated aspects of setup and operation. Ultimately, there’s no shame in admitting you need a helping hand when beginning your digital journey. 

Check out helpful blogs

Though it may seem counterintuitive to search the internet for solutions to your technophobia, there are fantastic self-help guides and informative blog posts that can ease you into the digital world. Simply run a google search for helpful senior-friendly tech articles and read your way into technological understanding. 

Sign up for a beginner tech class

If you’re still struggling to understand tech basics after phoning a family member and consulting the internet, it may be time to enlist the help of digital experts. By signing up for an introductory technology course, you can gain critical insights into basic devices, functions, and setting customizations that will help you operate gadgets on your own. Plus, tech professors can answer any questions you have, giving you hands-on experience in a controlled setting. 

Embrace self-teaching

Although the thought of teaching yourself about modern technology may seem impossible, you may benefit from some good old-fashioned curiosity. Leaning into the uncertainty can help you overcome tech-induced obstacles by trying out different solutions and working your way through your device. Fortunately, many modern tech devices feature intuitive setups and operations, which means understanding may be less complicated than you might think. 

Wrapping up

While learning the technological ropes may be anxiety-inducing at first, the more you expose yourself to digital devices, the less frightening they’ll become. By purchasing simplified gadgets, calling in a tech-savvy family member, and staying positive, you too can benefit from modern technology. 

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