Surviving With HBO Only

HBO is coming soon to a TV near you without the cost of a monthly subscription to a dish service or other cable provider. This will happen in 2015 and hopefully sooner rather than later. This is great news for people who want to cut the cord from the high cost of cable providers. Getting 100 plus channels sounds cool, until you realize it will eventually cost you about a $100 a month. Oh and by the way, there is nothing on about 90% of those channels.


I can see myself surviving without a cable provider if I had HBO available separately on a media streaming device. I would want Netflix to go along with it, which I have used for over five years. Supposedly the HBO only service would be under $10 a month, so that would put me at about $18 a month for HBO and Netflix. That is a long way from the $100 I am spending with Dish Network currently.

People complain about HBO showing the same movies over and over each month. While this is true, that is not the best aspect of HBO. Their original series are the best thing they offer. There are years of shows available. The entire collection of “The Wire” and “The Sopranos” is available through HBOGO currently. Those old favorites are well worth having the premium channel, not to mention more current series like “Game Of Thrones” and “True Detective.” The shows put out by HBO are so far above the drivel produced by most other networks, it is not even funny. Most episodes of an HBO series are comparable to watching a movie at the theater. They’re that good.

The one thing missing without a cable provider would be live sports. That may be the last grip that Dish, Direct TV, and other cable companies have on the majority of the TV watching populace. You can’t get that with HBO or Netflix. Not yet anyway. Once that happens it will be game over for these old school cable corporations.

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Shane McLendon
Wannabe geek and FLOW Seeker