The Top 10 Grossing Games of 2014 For Your Mobile Device

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Have you caught yourself buying upgrades for your freemium games this year? There are some games that have been designed to be so great that you feel guilty for not spending any cash on them. You’re not the only one who has felt this way over the last 12 months. Here are the top grossing games for social networking and mobile devices from 2014. How many are you playing right now?

Clash of Clans Logo

#1. Clash of Clans. I couldn’t get into this game, despite trying 3 times. I know I’m in the minority since it’s the top grossing game of 2014, but even the kids weren’t big fans of it. “Daddy? Could you delete this one and put Pac Man back on?” is our family’s official review of this one.

#2. Candy Crush Saga. At one point, this game was bringing in over $600k per day. It’s still a top grossing game because some of those levels are virtually impossible. I’m on Level 426 the last time I checked. It’s not something I can play every day, but it still has staying power for a few hours of entertainment per month.

Candy Crush

#3. Game of War: Fire Age. If I had a nickel for every Game of War advertisement I’ve seen since taking this job on Nerd’s, I’d have a sailboat full of nickels that would sink in the harbor. The game itself is nice and relatively fun. When you’re tired of the PlayStation or the Xbox, this game offers a solid diversion.

Game of War

#4. Hay Day. If you were on the Farm Town and then Farmville and then Farmville 2 hay wagon, then there’s a good chance that you’re on the Hay Day wagon too. Grow crops, trade with neighbors, and get a good harvest even though it never, ever rains in the app. What is virtual farming without virtual rain? Or virtual mud? Or virtual manure spreaders, for that matter?

Hay Day

#5. Doubledown Casino. With casinos within a 30 minute drive from the average American, why would you put money down into a virtual casino to get virtual chips that are worth nothing when you could at least get free drinks for punching the spin button on a real slot machine? There is a social gaming aspect to it, but I’ll stick with taking a buddy, finding a roulette table, and have him bet on black while I bet on red to soak up table credits and watered down scotch.

Doubledown Casino

#6. Big Fish Casino. I said everything I need to say above – except add fish to this one. Thrill of Las Vegas? Please. Where is the giant cross tattoo on my forearm funded from a straight flush at the pai gow table from this app? WHERE?

Big Fish Casino

#7. Farm Heroes Saga. This one is a regular in our household, but let’s get something straight: why is the app version different than the Facebook version? The extra powerups on the tablet are nice, but come on. Give me ALL of my boosters to let me dominate my friends. Don’t make my buy stuff on two different platforms that you’ll connect together for me, but won’t work together.

Farm Heroes Saga

#8. GSN Casino. At least if you’re good, you can win actual stuff on this app. I got a $25 gift card for my awesomeness of solving puzzles on Wheel of Fortune. Of course I had to spend $6.95 in fees to process the purchase, but $18.05 is still better than $0.00.

GSN Casino

#9. Pet Rescue Saga. I don’t play this game for the fact that I get 72 bajillion notifications from it when I have it active. The kids like rescuing the pets, but the constant dinging of an update is enough to make the dogs curl up into a corner in the fetal position.

Pet Rescue Saga

#10. Bingo Bash. Not only does it hit the top grossing list for 2014, but Bingo Bash sneaks into the top 10 apps of all time. Pros of this app: you don’t have to sit next to someone’s Grandma who has blue hair and is mysteriously running her hand up your thigh. Cons of this app: you tell yourself that you’ll play until you get one more Bingo and then you’re up to 4am.

Bingo Bash

How many of these top grossing games are installed on your mobile devices right now? I’ve got 3/10. Can you beat my score?

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