How To Maintain Friendships During Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic impacted all kinds of relationships across the world. Lockdown restrictions made it difficult for friends and family to see one another and spend quality time together. 2020 became a very stressful year for many people and impacted the nation’s mental health drastically. 

Friends and family are an essential part of our support system and a big part of maintaining a healthy mind and body. As lockdown restrictions set in, it became challenging to strengthen our friendships and romantic relationships. Without work and our hobbies, many people struggled to find common ground with their friends. Relationships relied on technology and communication from both parties.

If you are struggling to maintain your friendships, here are a few tips to bear in mind.

Do an activity together

Virtual hangouts can feel awkward and uncomfortable for some people – not everyone likes to be on camera. Instead of focusing on chatting over Zoom, consider organizing a virtual activity instead. You could do a live yoga class with your friends over Zoom or use Netflix Party to stream a movie together. Of course, make time to plan these activities as the logistics may be a bit trickier virtually.

Send them a gift

A handwritten note is a brilliant way to let your friend know you are thinking of them. It also helps to send a physical gift to their home instead of a virtual one. Technology can be overwhelming after a while. Send a birthday card and care package to your friends and let them know that you are celebrating with them… from your own home.

Have a cocktail night!

Co-workers may find it challenging to maintain their professional relationships with remote working. Organize a virtual cocktail night with your co-workers so you can catch up and celebrate how far you’ve come in the last year. You could even send your employees a cocktail-making kit so you can all learn how to mix spirits and aperitifs.

Voice notes

Organizing a phone call with your friend can seem like an impossible task. With families, work events and endless zoom calls, it can be challenging to fit everyone in. So, why not use voice notes instead? You can remove the pressure of a phone call and record small voice notes with life updates instead. You can each respond in your own time and send updates as they come along. Genius!

Organise an in-person meeting

Thankfully, lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift, and we can now meet up with friends outdoors. Organise a dinner with your friend and treat yourselves to your favorite food. After all, it’s been a long year, and you both deserve a treat. It’s good to have something to look forward to with your friend and get a date in the diary when you can next see each other.  

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