RAVPower Portable Charger

RAVPower Portable Charger

How many iPhones does your family have? I’ve got 4 phones in our home – 2 for my work and my wife has 2 phones as well. Add in the tablets we have, the laptops, the all-in-one PC, and there are cords galore floating around the house. It’s very easy to have a dead phone or tablet at the worst possible time! Thinking there had to be a better way, we decided to look at the RAVPower portable charger because it was compatible with all of our items. If even works with the PS Vita – that’s a bonus!

It comes with enough of a capacity to charge most phones at least 3x over during the day. It has enough juice to charge the iPad. We just stick it in the vehicle and then if there’s a dead phone in a pocket or purse, charge it up thanks to the RAVPower. There’s an LED display that lets you know how much juice is left in the portable charger too.

If you can pick up this device on sale, get it. It has about 500 lifetime charges to it, so it’ll last about 18 months in most cases. Definitely a handy thing to have, especially for a long road trip when plugging in is hard to do.

$28.99 – BUY ON AMAZON

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