Rules That Can Help Fashion Or Clothing Brands Do Well On Instagram

Your business grows when you can spread the word about it, and Instagram is one great platform to achieve just that. You can gain the exposure you need to help your business grow, and using the right Instagram marketing strategies can make a world of difference to your business.

When you talk about Instagram marketing, you know you have to do whatever you can to get more likes. Things are not going to get better with 50 Instagram likes. You need to do better, and that is when you can try the following.

Promote Your Instagram Account

Emerging brands and new business ventures often need to work hard to get their brand recognized. You can use various ways to promote your Instagram profile to attract Instagram users and attain a decent number of followers.

One most common way of growing Instagram followers is to promote your business profile through Instagram ads. It is a great marketing tool, and more than 2 million advertisers are associated with it. The most prominent feature of Instagram is:

* Instagram ads appear organically in the newsfeed of the targeted audience and avoid any inconvenience to the viewers.

* ROI of Instagram ads is very promising.

* It targets the specific audience very accurately which guarantees your reach to the desired audience.

If you are not ready to opt for paid marketing, there are many other ways of promoting your Instagram account. One best way is to share your Instagram handle on all your social media platforms and on your website too. This will help you in connecting your existing customers and followers to your Instagram account. You can also print your Instagram handles prominently on your packaging material and ask your customers to follow you. This way your customers will be able to track your new products and promotional offers, and you are less likely to lose them.

Make Your Feed Shopping Friendly

Instagram business profiles are meant for promoting and growing business. You don’t want people to visit your profile, like your posts, and follow you. If you are intended to grow your business, your goal must be to get new customers and make your current customers shop again and again.

Attracting new customers is possible only if your posts are not just appealing but it also provides an opportunity to shop then and there from your profile. Customers don’t bother to dig down and find your website to shop for their desired items especially if you are a small developing fashion brand.

There are various ways for making your posts shopping friendly. The most common one is to add a Call-To-Action button in you Bio which takes your customers directly to a shoppable platform or website.

There are various apps available which makes the images of your photos clickable. These images allow your viewers to buy directly from your posts. Some of these apps are Like2Buy and LikeItWantIt.

You can also avail of the new Instagram Shopping, a shopping friendly feature of Instagram. You can also Buy Good Beaty Products on

Go Behind The Scenes On Instagram Stories

The Instagram story is an amazing feature of Instagram. You can share your everyday struggles or goals through Instagram stories. These stories stay on Instagram for only 24 hours, so you don’t need to focus much on its visual aspects.

Instagram stories provide you with a great opportunity to present your real personality behind all your products. People are always interested in knowing the person behind the brand name, and it creates a personalized bond between the customer and the brand.

Plan Your Instagram Feed Ahead of Time

Plan your Instagram strategy and prioritize your goals before officially launching your business profile. This will help you in deciding what to post and when to post. Prepare the content for at least a month, so you don’t get short of ideas right in the execution of your journey. Planning will save you from the hassle of deciding and planning every day and it won’t let you deviate from your core objectives. Unplanned Instagram feed often lacks focus and harmony.

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