Raid: Shadow Legends Game Review

Gaming appetites change constantly, but there has been one trend that has cemented itself as being universally liked and timeless: the multiplayer battle royale. The benefits of the battle royale game come from the fact that the gameplay can incorporate other genres such as first-person shooters, strategic campaigns, and world-building games.

By offering players such a range of gameplay options wrapped in a fantasy realm, battle royale games have captured the hearts and minds of those who play them. This is certainly the case with the game Raid: Shadow Legends.

Fantasy Meets Battle Royale

One of the best aspects of Raid: Shadow Legends is the ability to combine so many styles of gameplay in the fantasy genre. In order to best opponents, the strategic element of planning ahead is matched with the range of creatures to play with, each with different skillsets.

There are more than 300 champions to choose from, which means that no two games are likely to be the same. The game also features leveling up, which matches the trend in other eSports of hierarchies of players. The rise of Twitch and other streaming sites for games means that players can track progress and gain fans and spectators for their prowess in the game.

The game is developed by the same developer of Vikings: War of Clans, Throne: Kingdom at War, and Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare. As such, the gameplay has been formulated based on what worked in these games and the audience reaction to such gameplay.

Fully Immersive Gameplay

To keep on trend with the battle royale version of MMORPGs, the game offers both player vs player and player vs environment modes of gameplay. This adds a social element to the game or one that allows players to work by themselves. Being able to monitor scores and progression makes the game perfect for those who like to play competitively with their friends.

Games developers are understanding more how gamers like to interact with the games, not just while they are playing, but becoming fully immersed in the gaming world and the real-world implications that follow this.

The game is suitable for most kinds of gamers and will provide a good entryway into the genre for those who are less familiar. The mobile aspect means that the game is more accessible, especially as mobile gaming is on the rise and will continue to prove popular.

Raid: Shadow Legends provides exciting gameplay that fits into the fantasy battle royale style of MMORPGs. The game is on trend and provides a similar, yet refreshingly different, version of other games, harnessing the best of games such as League and Legends and Fortnite, while also providing a different twist.

The game will appeal to existing fans of the franchise, but also may allow those who haven’t yet become fans of the gameplay format to have an introduction to the game. It is compatible with most smartphones and can be played in downtime or on the move.

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