Power Widgets: WordPress Plugin to Customizing & Managing Widget Areas

WordPress comes with out of the box mechanism in place for placing useful widgets in your theme’s widget areas. However, making widget areas populate different widgets on different pages is not trivial and usually requires hard coding, working with various page templates or a dedicated plugin to do that.

Power Widget

No doubt, customizing a website’s widget can be tedious work, going page by page to adjust the layout one piece at a time. Power Widgets, is a powerful premium plugin that offers a comprehensive, easy to use solution for customizing and managing your widget areas on your WordPress installation.

In this post this I intend to share with you everything you need to know about Power Widgets, a recent project by SuperPlugin, a premium plugin start-up. So without further ado, let us have look at:

What is Power Widgets?

Power Widgets is flexible, easy to use and outstanding premium WordPress plugin which was designed to grant full control and save time for those who are eager to benefit the most of their widget areas. This plugin simply controls each widget area on your theme, create custom widget areas for specific pages, posts or categories, and manage them from one single location. That means, using a single plugin gives you option to craft each and every page of website individually. You can choose to do it from a single location using a table instead of going page by page – a tedious and time consuming procedure. You could also do the same from any page or post editor if you’re only interested in making quick changes for a single page.

Top Features

The big differentiators that make Power Widget superb compared with other plugins are as follows:

  1. Being able to manage customization from a single location for all your pages, posts, categories, page templates etc as well as from a single page, in case you want to correct a single page. Imaging having to customize 50 pages all at once and having to go page by page – edit, save, refresh, you get the idea. If you need to go through a large WordPress site, either a new one or an existing one, you’ll come to appreciate the ease of use and the time saving potential of the way this plugin allows you to handle such a task.
  2. Patterns – Power Widgets has the ability to set patterns and save additional time. Imagine you have several groups of pages or posts which have the same structure of custom widget areas replacements: same top widget area, same bottom widget area, and same main sidebar widget area and so on. Instead of having to repeat this tedious procedure over and over, you simply set a pattern and assign it for all applicable pages. So if you have a pattern with 3 widget areas, using it will cut your work time to 1/3.
  3. While still in private beta, the following feature is about to be launched in the coming month: Power Widget has the ability to import all your settings from your old theme. This may come handy whenever you wish to change themes and hate to do this because you will surely lose all your widget areas customizations settings.

According to Superplugin’s CEO, Gad Ivgy, the roadmap for the plugin includes additional features both on the front end and back end of the plugin, (such as conditional widget areas behaviour) in order to further extend what you can do with your widget areas on your WordPress site.

As with any premium plugin, you should take support into account as well. Power Widgets is also accompanied by several video tutorials covering all aspects and features of the plugin.

So these are some of the best features and advantages of using Power widgets on your website. I used this plugin and till now didn’t found a loop hole in this WordPress plugin.

How Power Widgets Work (Official Video Review)

One thing which I really liked about this Power Widget is that you are getting all this at very affordable price. Currently, there are three price levels offered for Power Widgets:

  1. A single site license for 1 year of upgrades, updates and supports is currently at $25
  2. A license for three websites for 1 year of upgrades, updates and support is currently at $49
  3. Developer’s license with unlimited site’s capacity is offered at $79 with 1 year of upgrades, updates and support.

So WhatsWithTech, recommend you to try this plugin on your website if you want to make customizing and managing widgets areas easily.

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