List of 10 Geeky Wedding Invitation Ideas

A wedding is the most important event of one’s life and everyone wants it to be a perfect and unique wedding. In the hotchpotch of wedding arrangements people forget about the wedding invitations and they used to get the invitations of traditional and contemporary designs.


If you are one of those who wants to add a fun element to their wedding, you must start with a geeky wedding invitation. This unique invitation will make your guests curious about your wedding and there won’t be any chance that they will forget your wedding date.

Your wedding day should be a reflection of your unique personality and style. From geeky wedding invitations to a themed cake, there are countless ways to infuse your personal touch into every aspect of your celebration. The choice of venue plays a significant role in setting the tone for your event. The wedding venue Rexburg, for example, offers a versatile space that can be customized to match your vision, whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony or a quirky, geek-chic extravaganza.

In this article I am going to share a List of  Geeky Wedding Invitations Ideas you can choose  for your wedding.

1. Funny Printable Save the Date Card

Save The Date

A simple yet unique handmade save the date card which will surely make your guests smile and your wedding date unforgettable.

2. Geek Glasses Wedding Invitation and RSVP

Geek Glasses Invitation

Quirky and chic Geeky Glasses Wedding Response Postcard featuring two pairs of geeky eyeglasses, a manly pair and a girly pair representing the groom and bride. This offbeat but sophisticated RSVP postcard is perfect for your bizarre wedding.

3. Scrabble Tiles Wedding Invitation

Scrabble Tiles Invitation

A fun and lighthearted invitation featuring scrabble tiles forming the couple’s names. This cool and nerdy invitation card is available in number of colors you can chose from.

4. The Jude Chemistry Wedding Invitation

Jude Chemistry Invitation

If you’ve got great chemistry, so better to show it off making it your wedding theme. The Jude science-inspired wedding invitation design is modern, colorful and full of personality and is made from recycled cardstock.

5. Math Equation Save the Date Geekery

Math Equation Save The Date Invitation

A Math Equation Wedding Save the Date card for math lovers who want to make their wedding invitation simple yet modern. This card comes in a set of 10 and is available in two different card stocks i.e., 100lb white linen and 120lb white matte with White or Gray envelope.

6. School Notebook Wedding Invitation

Notebook Invitation

An invitation inspired from school doodled school notebooks which will take you back to your school days. RSVP card options are available either as a library borrower’s card or an attendance report keeping the retro theme.

7. Geek Wedding Save the Date Invitation

Geek Wedding Save The Date invitation

Save the date invitation card featuring a manly pair and a girly pair of glasses representing groom and bride. This card comes with an option of printing photos of the couple.

8. Geek Pixel Save the Date

Geek Pixel Save The Date

A unique and geeky wedding invitation card to [CTRL] + [S] the date for your guests so that they do not forget to [ENTER] your marriage venue.

9. 8-Bit Wedding Invitations

8-Bit Wedding Invitation

A perfect handmade card for couple of crazy game lovers making it to the next level. With paper option of either linen or felt-weave, this amazing invitation comes in a set of 100.

10. Our Love Story Infographic

Love Story Infographic

If you want to tell your unique love story to all your guests along with the wedding invitation, this custom-made infographic can be a convenient option.

So listed above are the most bizarre wedding invitations in my opinion. If there is any other geeky wedding invitation you have seen and is not featured in this list then link it to us and also do not forget to send your feedback.

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