14 Best Free Online Tools to Convert Text to Speech

Today’s article is the answer to question i.e. What are some best Online tools to Convert Text to Speech? If you’re looking answer for the same question, then we hardly recommend you must check this article. As we’re going to share with you the name of the services for which you don’t have to pay a single penny.


No doubt that with the advancement of technology daily we got lots of news software, gadgets, online tools and more which make our work easier. And Text to Speech Online Converter is one of the examples of those inventions. We can use these tools for many purposes like listening blog post instead of reading a whole, convert the all the word file to mp3 format to share with others and more. You might also love to read about Best Chrome Add-Ons to Convert Text to Speech

Also it is very exciting that just by using an online tool we can convert text to mp3 format without making lots of efforts. But the question is which are the best Online Tools to Convert Text to Speech. In this article I’m going to cover some of the Top Online Text to Sound Converter. This method will provide the correct for grammatical errors as what we will write it pronounce along with it.  So lets we starts with

1. Text2Speech.org

This is a very exciting and useful tool as in this there are present different voices like American male/female, American male2 and many more options. You only have to enter your text and its mp3 file will be downloaded with it.

2. Vozme

It is a very simple converting tool as there is a box to enter your text and it will automatically convert into mp3 file by clicking on the option at below mp3 file.

3. YAKitoMe

This consists of first to register on its website and then upload your text file in pdf, doc or in any form for the further conversion of mp3 file.

4. iSpeech

One of the best text convertor for the good and quick result of the conversion of text into audio files.This also provides you the translator, human voice like iSpeech Obama and many more voice options.

5. BlogBard

Another cool web service using which you can listen to your favorite blogs. With this service you can listen to your listen to popular blogs like TechCrunchThe Huffington Post, or even better. You can also search for your favorite blog.

The convertor which will use for the conversion of text file to speech upto 400 characters for free with a number of many voice options.

6. iVona

A converting tool which makes you to select the choose the voices with your wish by listening as many voices for the testing. Also in this the text can be copied and pasted.

7. Zamzar

In this you can simply upload your text in pdf, doc etc. and then convert it to the mp3 file with a maximum speed of 100 Mbps for per file.

8. FestVox

A conversion tool specially made for the creation of new synthetic and systematic speech with almost 12 voice selections.

9. NaturalReader

A maximum of 200 characters with a choice of voices in male/female, this can freely convert the pdf, ms word files to mp3 files.

10. Odiogo

This is one of the best converting tools which have a media shifting technology in which you can transform new sites, blogs to human voices with a very good quality.

11. Abc2Mp3

ABC2MP3 is amazing tool which offers free text to speech conversion, it allows you to record natural sounding voices in English from your text and for all this you don’t have to register.

12. ReadTheWords

Text To Speech conversion for text, documents, web pages. Ideal for very large documents. Convert audio recordings to video. You can also create podcasts from RSS feeds.

13. SpokenText

SpokenText is a nice online tool to converts any text into clear natural sounding speech. Convert documents, web pages or just copy and paste the text you want to convert.

14. imTranslator

ImTranslator offers a natural sounding text-to-speech system with translation capabilities that quickly translates text and reads it aloud at one click of a button.

We feel these to be the Best Online Tools to Convert Text to Speech, but if you feel we forget any share with us. We will try to cover those in  our article. But don’t forget this article is about online tools.

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