Online Gambling: What’s Popular In 2019

Online gambling has come a long way from when it first started. Casinos have done a great job of keeping up with modern technology and incorporating it into their games, especially online casinos.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some predicted online casino trends that will reign in 2019.

3D Graphic Slot Games

While slot reel games have always been incredibly popular for online casinos, thanks to the advancement of browser technology and graphics rendering, more slot games are beginning to look and play like actual video games. One of the latest trends in online casinos is 3D slot with progressive storylines, experience bars, and customized UIs,

The gameplay can be incredibly action-packed, with strategies and methods to winning that also make the slots feel more like a video game, rather than just randomly spinning reels. In fact, some casinos have even introduced skill-based slots, where the gameplay revolves more around actual skill than chance. And of course, payouts are based on player performance.

You can find a lot of these latest slot games on, which offers many popular 3D and videogame-like slots.

Cryptocurrency and Pay n Play

While many articles cite a cryptocurrency takeover for online casinos in 2019, research shows this may not be entirely the case. Cryptocurrency as a transaction method gained huge popularity in 2017, but it hasn’t grown much from there, showing that the demand for digital currency in online casinos may have already reached a peak. That doesn’t mean the demand is going down, but it isn’t rising as sharply as some would predict.

Of course, cryptocurrency offers numerous benefits as a transaction method in online casinos, namely customer privacy, faster withdrawals, better security, and enhanced bonuses in some online casinos. When using digital currency, your details are typically completely anonymous. When you’re playing in an online casino with digital currency, you usually only need to provide the address for your cryptocurrency wallet.

This allows many players to engage in online gambling, even if it would otherwise be illegal by state or local law for them. Bank or local wire transfers would automatically be blocked in blacklisted states, so digital currency offers a bypass method.

Even if cryptocurrency isn’t going to take over the entire industry in 2019, it did showcase a demand for easier registration for online casinos. In comes technologies like Pay n Play, where a customer only needs to add a deposit, and the technology handles the rest.

VR and live dealer casinos

Live dealer casinos gained traction in early 2018 with only a few all-live casinos being launched, but the trend has massively caught on, with an increasing number of land-based casinos adding live streaming from inside the casino, for their online players. This has bridged the social disconnect that online casino players often feel, as opposed to sitting in a physical casino and interacting with other players and the dealer.

On top of that, VR and MMO casinos are still popular as niche products. This is of course a small niche, though some are claiming that VR will revolutionize the casino industry in 2019 and beyond. People have been predicting that VR is going to revolutionize the gaming industry since the invention of VR, however none of those predictions have actually come to fruition. At least not in VR’s current form.

However, as a niche product, VR does continue to serve its audience, and online casinos have experimented with ways to make attractive gameplay for VR users.

Mobile casino gaming

It was reported by H2GC that almost 13 billion USD across the European market was won by mobile casino users, which means that 41% of players are placing wagers using mobile devices. Researchers predict this amount to continue climbing, as high as 53% by 2023.

The majority of these wagers were placed on simple games, such as slot spins, rather than concentration-intensive games such as Texas Hold’em. This is no surprise, as mobile devices have always been used for more “casual” gameplay styles, but no one can deny that the mobile market has, in fact, surpassed traditional console and PC gaming in many ways, by appealing to a more casual and mainstream audience. So expect online casinos to capitalize even further on this.

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