Best Apps To Monitor The Use Of Mobile Data

A tablet or smartphone needs a data plan to browse websites and social media sites. To get the best deals, feel free to compare the best mobile plan deals with iSelect. If you don’t have unlimited data, you will need an app to monitor your data use. With these apps, you can avoid exceeding data limits and incurring charges of extra bills. Here are some free apps to monitor the use of mobile data. 

Data Usage

With this simple app, you can use track your mobile data usage. It uses theme colors to reflect the status of data usage. The app comes with essential features to monitor data. It can track over time durations to match the billing cycles of users. 

Data usage comes with separate tracking for actual monitoring of Wi-Fi and cellular data. You can get usage reports and set thresholds. Users will receive notifications for their excessive data limits. It can predict when you go over daily quotas and set limits. With data usage pro app, you will get extra options for iOS to configure customized trackers. This feature is appealing for techies. 

DataMan Pro

It is suitable for iOS devices to track your data usage. The app can report usage for cellular communication devices. With DataMan Pro, you can track data of Wi-Fi connections. The app comes with numerous features, such as track Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE.

With this app, you can map data locations for the use of data. You can get support for carryover and rollover data. It can help you to maintain a daily and hourly history. DataMan Pro is suitable for every carrier. User can get smart predictions and alerts to stay within the data cap. The app displays real-time stats and makes intelligent suggestions for adjusted limits. 

My Data Manager

My data manager can help you to control your data on mobile devices. Use this app regularly to track your data usage. You will get alerts before touching your data limit. It helps users to monitor Wi-Fi, roaming, and mobile. 

It supports usage alarms to avoid extra charges. Supports family and shared plans and track use of all member devices. With this app, you can maintain the history of the data connection. It will be easy to monitor the data usage of each device.

My Verizon

My Verizon app is suitable for Verizon subscribers. With this app, you can check your plan limit. It works in a better way with unlimited or recent plans. This app offers the capability to monitor primary data. Use this app to manage and review your plan. 

With my Verizon, you can easily switch your plans and get on-demand support. By using this app, you can shop for new accessories and devices. Scan items available in Verizon stores for easy checkout. 


AT&T subscribers may use this app to manage their data use. They can get official reports of their account. With this app, it will be easy to manage your wireless account, pay bills, view billing details, and monitor your data usage.     

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