Bitcoin Business Opportunities To Tap In 2019

If you are thinking of an innovative business idea to start this 2019, consider those that are bitcoin-related. With the current trends, there is no sign that this cryptocurrency will soon lose its appeal. Despite the not-so-stellar performance last year, it presents attractive business opportunities, including those that are briefly mentioned below. 

Bitcoin ATM

ATMs are ever-present almost anywhere you go. However, it is seldom that you will find one that accepts cryptocurrency transactions. With this, a bitcoin ATMis a promising business opportunity to consider, especially if you live in an area where there are many bitcoin users. You will need only a small space and it can be added to an existing business location, such as a restaurant or a gas station, among others. 

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Consultancy Service 

Brush up on your knowledge on bitcoin and share what you know! If you are an expert in the field, you can earn money. You can conduct classroom training, online classes, and one-on-one coaching to people who are interested in investing in bitcoins. You can even build a website or write your own book. To do this, start by taking bitcoin online courses and look for other opportunities to make you an authority. 

Online Selling 

This way of earning bitcoin works pretty much like other online businesses but it’s a bit of a bitcoin loophole. Start by having a product or service that you can sell online. It does not matter what it is. Use a website builder to create an e-commerce store. Use bitcoin as one of the modes of payments. Take note, however, that not all e-commerce store builders will have the option to use bitcoin as a payment channel, so you have to find one that supports this cryptocurrency. 

Affiliate Marketing 

According to Neil Patel, affiliate marketing is a passive income opportunity that will allow you to earn money from promoting the products and services of others. You will have a share of the profit that will be made. This can be applied even in bitcoins. There are different referral programs that are available, providing various opportunities for you to earn bitcoin. In most cases, you will be given a promo code or URL. In turn, it is what you will need to promote to get a commission. 

Bitcoin Mining

Starting a bitcoin mining business is also promising in terms of its rewards. It is a hands-off business idea, so once you have everything up and running, it will require minimal supervision on your end. Mining presents a more convenient way to earn bitcoin compared to traditional trading. Make sure to be familiar with how the mining process works to have a smooth-flowing business. 

There are endless opportunities when it comes to how you can earn money from bitcoins. From putting up a bitcoin ATM to establishing a consultancy business, take advantage of those mentioned above to make money from today’s most popular cryptocurrency.

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