Nostalgic Games and How To Bring Them to the Modern Age

There’s no doubt that video gaming is one of the world’s most favorite pastimes, as young and old people are finding their way to the many different gaming systems available. Modern games are high tech, featuring sharp resolution and intuitive gameplay.

However, there’s a lot of value in the classics, and these days there are more and more resources dedicated to bringing this nostalgia into the modern age.


Some of the younger readers might not remember the days where DOS was the only operating system we knew. This command-line interface, which is like what you see when you load up the command program in Windows, was our gateway to hours and hours of entertainment in the form of video games. These days, you can set up your computer to run DOSBOX, which is a powerful emulator that allows you to run these old games even on ne

w hardware.

2. Use An Online Emulator

Emulators really are the key to playing the old classics, or for playing games without the original system they were designed for. You can play Super Mario Brothers in your browser through My Emulator without having to download any software. This way, you can relive the glory of searching for Peach without having to spend a lot of money or hunting down an ancient console.

3. Refurbish An Old Computer

If you’re looking for an authentic experience for your nostalgic gaming, then you could consider building or refurbishing an old computer. Computers such as Pentiums will have hardware that is compatible with many of the older titles, but getting the software to work might take a little bit of effort. This option is definitely not for the faint at heart, but with some perseverance, you’ll be playing old games in no time.

4. Utilize Classic Ports

A lot of the newer gaming consoles understand your need for the classics. Nintendo, in particular, is very good at making available many of the older games in their catalogue, and you can access them through consoles like the Wii, or, more recently, the Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for older titles, however, you might want to get hold of a Nintendo 3DS, as it will support many of the older games including an extensive Game Boy, NES/SNES and Sega Genesis library.

5. Pick Up A Mini Console

It’s almost like game developers realize how popular the classics still are. That’s why some developers are producing miniature versions of their best selling consoles. For instance, you can pick up a Super NES Classic for around $100, which comes packed with many of the old titles and has the original gamepads.

Video gaming has always been a popular pastime, and people are still flocking to the major classic titles of our younger years. For this reason, there are now many resources that you can use to access these titles, ranging from the easily accessible to the downright technical. By using our guide, we hope that you can find the perfect way to get your retro gaming fix.

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