13 Highly Anticipated PS4 Video Games Arriving In 2018

2017 was a phenomenal year for Sony’s PS4, with its extensive collection of platform exclusives spanning various genres, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7, Wolfenstein 2 and Persona 5 garnering both critical acclaim and hordes of fans. What does the PS4 has to offer in 2018? Will be there be enough exciting gaming titles to stimulate our jaded game juices? Here is a list of 13 highly anticipated PS4 exclusives that will be hitting the shelves soon!

13. Shadow of the Colossus (February 6)

Shadow of Colossus, initially released by SIE Japan Studio and Team Aco in 2005 for the PS2, was considered one of the most influential games of its time, owing to its breathtaking minimalist art and hefty emotional quotient. Would we want to play the game again? Of course! On February 6, 2018, a remake of Shadow of Colossus with ultra-high definition art assets is set to be officially released for the PS4. Initial reviews suggest that it is probably the greatest remake ever made of a video game.

12. Moss (February 27)

Developed by Polyarc, Moss is a PS4 VR game that is scheduled to release in February 2018. In the game, you play alongside Quill, a mouse, who goes on an adventure in a fantasy land, battling enemies and solving puzzles. It combines both first-person and third-person playing perspectives and promises an immersive experience featuring a storybook narration style. Just like one of your childhood books come to life!

11. Bravo Team (March 6)

As the name suggests, this is a combat first person shooter by developer Supermassive games that involves a lot of firefighting and instant decision making. It was initially supposed to release in 2017, but has now been pushed back to March 6 for the U.S. and March 7 for European/International markets. And yes, it is in VR, so you can make sure you will fully be on the edge while playing Bravo Team.

10. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (April 17)

The seventh entry in the Yakuza action-adventure game series, The Song of Life was released in Japan on December 8, 2016. The international release, however, will happen on April 17, 2018. Developed and published by Sega, Yakuza 6 is a third-person game set in an open world system, and has garnered positive reviews from critics.

9. MLB The Show 18 (March 27)

For people who love playing sports games (I myself detest them) and that too baseball, Major League Baseball (MLB) will be out on March 27. This will be the 13th entry in the MLB The Show franchise.

8. God of War (April 20)

The super-successful God of War series may possibly have its best installment in the upcoming God of War PS4 game, which is described as a ‘reimagined version of the game’, portraying Kratos in a more nuanced manner as he acts a mentor and protector to his son Atreus. The game brings several changes from the previous ones- it is based on Norse mythology, Kratos’ double-chained blades have been replaced with a battle ax, and an over-the-shoulder free camera approach is used, compared to the fixed cinematic camera earlier.

7. Detroit: Become Human (Q1/Q2 2018)

If you loved the TV series Westworld, then you will revel in Detroit: Become Human. Dealing with a similar topic of android sentience, the game revolves around the story of three androids- Kara, Connor, and Markus, each of them having different objectives in the game. Tagged as a ‘neo-noir thriller’ by developer Quantic Dreams, Detroit is sure to be a hell of a ride.

6. Blood and Truth (TBA 2018)

By Sony’s London Studio, Blood and Truth is a PS4 VR game inspired by the studio’s previous venture ‘The London Heist’. You play elite Special Forces soldier Ryan Marks, who needs to save his family from a ruthless crime lord. More action-based than the rather static London Heist, Blood, and Truth promises to be a thrilling experiencing as you get immersed in the glamor and glitz of the London underworld.

5. Golem (March 13)

Another PS4 VR entry, Golem is the debut game from independent studio Highwire Games. It is based on the Unreal Engine 4, with a launch scheduled for March 13.

4. Star Child (TBA 2018)

VR games are the flavor of the season and Star Child from developer Playful Corp is another addition to the range of new VR games in 2018. The game takes place in deep space and deals with themes like friendship, transformation, and sacrifice.

3. Dreams (TBA 2018)

A thoroughly unique adventure game from developer Media Molecule, Dreams truly lives up to its name by allowing you to expand your imagination to the fullest. Through the open-ended experience it offers, one can create any type of game- a shoot ‘em up, a puzzle adventure, platformers etc. You can also share your creation with other players, browse their creations, or mix environments and characters in your own games.

2. Days Gone (TBA 2018)

You must have realized that not many horror games are on the PS4 exclusive list for 2018. However, Days Gone, an action-adventure survival horror game being developed by SIE Bend Studio, is an exception and promises to fulfill your fiendish horror desires with its post-apocalyptic landscape that has been overrun by degenerate human monsters known as Freakers. I just hope they announce its launch date soon.

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man (Q1/Q2 2018)

Ever since I saw the trailer of the PS4 Spiderman game, I have ‘marvel-led’ at its astounding graphics and spectacular action set-pieces. You no longer play a young and naïve Peter Parker (like in the Homecoming movie), but an experienced superhero who has been fighting crimes for several years. With a new, original story, and thrilling combat scenes, we cannot wait to get our hands on Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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