How to Stay Invisible Online

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With so many cases of fraud or other identity issues, protecting yourself online is very important. You would be hard pressed to stay 100% hidden when using the internet. Many businesses, governmental agencies, and hackers make it their job to break through and know your private information. That does not mean you are completely defenseless and unable to protect your IP address, bank account numbers, and other personal information. Whatever your motivation behind gaining some privacy while working online, here are a few things you can implement.

Go Undercover With a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN), is a network of computers that are linked together and have secure communication with one another. When you connect to a VPN through a designated link by the provider, you are able to send and receive information without prying eyes checking out what you are saying. While many people who telecommute use a service like this for work, a lot of individuals are turning to this as well to keep their information private.

Get a New Identity

Just about everything you sign up for requires you to give information about yourself. You might want to print off a coupon or receive a newsletter or leave a comment on a blog, and you will have to provide information. To stay invisible in these situations, you will need to create a new identity. This will require you to open an email account with the name you have chosen along with vital information like a birth date and city of residence. You can get creative with this, or you can use a fake name generator to tell you your new identity. With your fake information, you can sign up for as many accounts as you like without having to worry as much.

Create a Fake Email Address


One of the best ways to avoid spam and suspicious emails is to sign up for a fake email address. There are several websites out there that are free to use and will give you an email address that will become invalid after a few minutes of use. This way, when you sign up for something that requires email confirmation, you do not have to give your actual email address.

Protect Your Real Email Account

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There are plenty of times when you will need to use your real email address, not fake ones that have been created. When those times arise, send your message through a website that will protect the information through encryption. When a message is received from the other party, you will be sent a notification email. You can find free and paid versions of this service to meet your needs.

Use a Search Engine That Doesn’t Track You

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Every single search you run on most search engines, will track everything you input. These search terms are used to build ads and gain other vital information about you. From your regular everyday searches to more private terms, you don’t have to worry about having your personal information sent to others or being identified.

The time is now to keep your information private and protect yourself. By not working to stay private online, it is like leaving home without locking your doors.

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