Mobile Apps To Boost Your Productivity

A more relaxed home environment is not encouraging to track and combat bad habits, while we work at home. We often subconsciously start doing housework, because dirty dishes irritate us, forget to keep our back straight while sitting, etc. There are special applications that can help increase our productivity:

Google Tasks. For those people who do not like to use gliders, forgets to fill them out, or simply cannot keep all the tasks for the day in their head, there is the Google Tasks application. With its minimalistic and user-friendly design, you can create separate lists, edit them and add tasks for the future using the calendar. Internally, the app resembles iPhone notes. Completed tasks need to be marked, after which they will automatically go to another list. The app also allows you to create sub-tasks and task notes. And since this app is from Google, it can be integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar.

Clean Email. Email correspondence is a part of our everyday lives. Often it is not enough to install an email client on a computer or other device. If you do not have enough time to devote it to email management, then you will quickly become overloaded with spam and unwanted messages. Clean Email is easy to use and a totally secure email organizer. It saves you a lot of time by doing email stuff for you such as deleting unnecessary messages, blocking unwelcome senders, archiving, moving, or labeling emails, as well as unsubscribing from all the newsletters you no longer need. If you want to protect your mailbox from spam and make sure that you are getting messages from legitimate senders, you can check if an email address is valid using an email verification service.

Dropbox. Every year, Dropbox’s cloud storage offers more and more free space for less money. It is also available in the framework of individual project management applications, including Microsoft Team, in the Google and Worksection environment. But Dropbox remains one of the most convenient solutions, thanks to smart integration of online and offline solutions across multiple devices. The free version allows you to store up to 2 GB of files with offline access only from desktop devices. If you pay for the subscription, you can get up to 2 TB and offline storage on mobile devices.

Toggl: It is one of the most convenient and popular solutions at the moment. Toggl is an application that works both with desktop programs and is available for iOS and Android. Toggl is able not only to coordinate time for a specific task, but also to generate reports on the work done by the whole team, which greatly simplifies the process of monitoring the entire project. The app doesn’t have a free plan, but it does have a 30-day trial, so you can use it for some time and understand whether you want to pay for this application.

Zoom. The more people stay at home, the higher the need to use video communication. Previously, Skype was considered the basic standard, and Zoom has long been a solution for a relatively small audience. The service began to grow rapidly. Now it is the most convenient and fastest way to arrange a group video chat both for work and for everyday communication. The basic version is free, but it reduces the number of participants to 100, and the continuous work time of the video conference is up to 40 minutes.

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