How to Make an Animated GIF for your Google Plus Profile

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Matt Steiner, a software engineer at Google made the announcement on this profile page. He said GIFs will animate on both desktop and mobile, “like newspapers in Harry Potter.”  That means, its official that you can change your Google Plus profile photo to a animated GIF.

How to Make an Animated GIF for your Google Plus Profile

So after this update, Do you plan to change your profile photo to a GIF? But still confused, How to make one which suits best for your Google Plus profile, then not to worry because I got solution i.e.

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Makeagif is a tool created animated GIFs online with their free GIF animator in just three easy steps, i.e. Upload, Customize, and Create. One thing which I really liked about this GIF maker is that, it gives better quality GIF with no watermarks.

Here is some very easy and simple make an animated GIF for your Google Plus profile,

1. First of all visit: Make a gif

2. Select as many photos as you like from your computer

3. Click Continue

4. Set Speed to low-medium fast or custom

5. Download to your computer

6. Go to your profile on Google+

7. Click on “Change Cover” bottom right of your profile picture

8. Upload from your computer

I guess its very easy, even  your grandmother can do that 🙂

Like Make A GIF, there are lots of services available using which you can make animated GIF online for free. And below we have covered some of them. You can also check them out:

1.  LooGix

One of the tools to create animated GIF online very easily for free. Using web tools you can also generate personal funny slideshow. In addition, you can also add some “special effects,” such as blurring, rotation, fading, etc.

2. Picasion

With this amazing GIF maker, you can quickly create GIF online. All you need to do is upload pictures or import them from Flickr or Picasa Web, and create a funny avatar with few clicks.

3. Gickr

You can also use Gickr to instantly create Animated GIF online for free. Create funny and Flashy slideshows, just by uploading pictures from a PC or grab them from your Flickr profile.

4. Make a GIF

Want to learn how making a gif, then Makeagif is a better place to go with. Your grandmother can even make animated GIFs with this easy to use and free GIF animator. Just follow three easy steps. Upload, Customize, Create. You can also share your creation with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

5. Gifninja

Using this web tool you can add multiple files for faster upload. You can also upload a movie, but make sure not to exceed 20mb. Adjust the speed using slider and once you’re done, click download.

6. GIFmake

To make GIF using this web tool all you need to do is, Specify the image size, the transition speed and the number of loops to customize your animations. And leave rest to GIFmake, very handy and easy to use online tool.


It’s a personal avatar generator and GIF animator using which you can create cool gift. Just capture photo with your webcam or from your computer, you can also get them from any other website like Flickr. And leave rest to GIFUP. You can also make a banner or GIF slideshow in a Sec.

You can also check our article i.e. Top 11 Tool to Make Animated GIF Online for Free in which we have covered all above mentioned services, plus other services too.

So give a try to this amazing online animated GIF creator and share your experience with us. Also tell us, what do you think of the update? You can also share with us your favorite service which you already use and is not listed in this article.

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