Installing New Electrical Sockets? Pick From These Top 4 Variants

Whether you need to turn on a lamp, start a refrigerator, or flip on fans, televisions, or sound systems, you barely think about what is happening behind the walls of your homes when performing such everyday tasks. Electricity is essential for running and operation all electrical devices for both domestic and industrial purposes. However, you cannot control the flow of electricity with switches and electrical sockets. What you can control are your electricity bills. Prepaid electricity would be a great option, which you can find on the HomeEnergyClub website, which has numerous benefits. Prepaid electricity plans are energy plans in which electricity is purchased and paid for before it is used.

To help you pick the best of electrical sockets, we have highlighted the top four variants you can explore. Remember to buy your electrical sockets from leading providers such as Schneider Electric that offer premium quality products meeting the highest industry standards. Read below to find more.

1. Ultimate LED Dimmers


· Ultra-Slim Flat Plate

This range boasts top-notch engineering and presents a sophisticated style. It is simple to install and attractively crafted to add an exquisite finish to your interior.

· Screwless Flat Plate

This range of screwless flat plate electrical sockets offers sophisticated, sleek, and beautifully crafted fittings. Installation is easy, and you get innovative technical functions and more style and choice.

· Ultimate Grid

This system is built to deliver style and beauty to commercial places. You can avail grid plates in an array of metal finishes, 1 to 24 gang combinations, and in metal-clad and white moulded types.

· White Moulded

This range presents a modern, stylish alternative to conventional square-edge wires and accessories. It has excellent technical capabilities and is designed comprehensively to satisfy any specification requirement.

· Low Profile

This range offers a suitable upgrade and improvement for white moulded and is ideal for surfaces that are uneven. With consistent styling and 5mm raised edges, this line perfectly complements the flat plate and screwless ranges.

Benefits: Comprehensive range, elegant designer profile, Fully rated 16AX switches, and negligible back-projection for retrofits and new devices.

Applications: Hotels, offices, commercial, and residential.

2. Lisse Wiring Accessories

The Lisse Screwless Deco line of finishes allows you to express your taste and personal style.


This range of curved wiring accessories blends performance with style. With this range, there is no compromise between efficiency and convenience, and appearance and innovative features. The Lisse range flaunts advanced technical functionality and offers excellent value, reliability, and quality.


· Suitable for refurbishment as well as new construction projects

· Bespoke solutions built for customer needs

· Smartly designed to facilitate efficient and simple product ordering, with multiple space and time-saving features

· The Screwless clipping and design system makes decorating and painting easy

· Future proof and meets the latest consumer technology demands

Applications: Hospitality, healthcare, commercial offices, residential social housing, and residential private housings.

3. Exclusive Range

· White Moulded

White moulded line provides a timeless conventional square-edge profile ideal for both commercial and domestic installations.

· Metal Clad Range

This range’s robust industrial design and technical specifications make it the perfect option for public and commercial buildings.

· Decorative Range


The decorative range offers a complementary square-edge style and a top-notch metal plate finish. This range’s profile includes an elevated edge of 10mm, making it an ideal product for installations that have uneven surfaces.


· Simple access terminals

· Array of DP socket outlets

· The range has consistent profiling

· Timeless conventional square-edge profile

Applications: Hotels, offices, commercial and residential facilities.

4. E-Series Wiring Accessories

These wiring accessories are made of polycarbonate components that are resistant to impact.


· Also offered in black and red

· Extensive line of dimmers, time delay switches, RCD protected outlets, and electrical sockets

· Includes multi-gang function and modular designed mechanisms

· Have flush plates improved with special screw caps that hide all mounting screws

· These solutions combine the advantages of the Ultimate range with the improvements of wide rockers, outboard rockers, and grey front plates on the line of light switches.

· Schneider Electric develops and enhances its product portfolio in adherence with the latest regulations and standards. They now offer a full array of Part M products that satisfies the requirements of the newest building regulations.

· Additionally, a complete engraving service is presented along with an array of vital supply accessories for utilization in laboratories, hospitals, and other places.


· Meets relevant quality standards

· Easy dual earth installation

· Excellent aesthetics with caps for all screws

· Polycarbonate construction makes this range of products impact resistant

Applications: Commercial, social housing, residential

Remember that all electrical work requires the supervision of an expert. For the same, approach a licensed electrical professional before you begin purchasing or installing electrical sockets. They can help you with appropriate recommendations and also the installation!

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