Benefits Of Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Our body does not produce Omega 3 fatty acids on its own. For better health and functioning it is one of the important requirements of our body. Many research studies say that it is important for people of all ages. It is very difficult to consume omega 3 by foods only hence it is recommended to consume the best omega 3 supplement on a regular basis. Omega-three fatty acid is of 3 different types:


Each type is important and beneficial for the proper functioning of the organs. There are 2 misconceptions about it that many people still believe. First, earlier people knew that it is only found in fish, which made vegetarians skip it, resulting in several problems and deficiency. Nowadays vegan and vegetarian take other routes to attain the omega 3 nutrients from different food supplements, like flask seeds, vegetable oils, walnuts. They are the poor source of the ALA. This becomes a strenuous task for the body to convert from ALA to DHA, as far less than 0.5% is known to be converted.

To fulfill the daily requirement without the use of fish or fish oil ‘Swayamcare’ presented    “SPENTOMEGA” (Omega 3 DHA). DHA is considered the utmost requirement in every phase of life. Keeping Vegans in mind  France developed 100% natural vegan Omega 3 fatty acid from the ‘Ocean Algae’. They come in 100% veg gel capsules, 625mg provides 250mg DHA. 

Second , is that the body reserves the Omega 3 inside. This is also true but not 100% . The body store but not as a surplus for later. It is stored in the case of emergency, to provide the area in need of it. It is considered considered good because it gives many reasons to be considered as good such as:

  1. It keeps the skin healthy and glowing , and reduces acne and wrinkles 
  2. It boosts your immunity 
  3. It also helps in losing the belly fat
  4. It improves fertility in both men and women
  5. Helps in controlling mood swings and hormones 
  6. It helps in the hair fall 

It also improves the Functioning of eyes , the bone density , functioning of the brain and functioning of the heart.

  1. Eye – DHA is the most important nutrient for a healthy eye. As the retina requires DHA to keep functioning properly. 
  2. Brains – The DHA again is one of the most important requirements for the brain. As it helps the brain in the fight against several diseases, including depression, Alzheimer’s,etc. It keeps the brain healthy and fit and reduces the chance of any brain disease by 58%. It also helps in improving the memory and in the development of the brain.
  3. Bone density – The EPA is very beneficial for the bones and the joints. As it prevents the inflammation. It also prevents arthritis,  if consumed regularly. The amount of calcium is boosted which results in making the bones stronger. Its consumption decreases lots of unwanted diseases and deficiencies. 
  4. Heart – EPA and DHA are said to improve our health and prevent many heart diseases, including heart attack, cardiac arrest, and heart stroke. It also helps in maintaining and keeping the blood pressure in control. It works as effective as home remedies for high blood pressure  It provides immunity to the heart to slow down the plague in the arteries.

A Study in America Heart Association recommended eating fish and consuming fish oil, at least twice a week . As the intake of Omega 3 DHA lowers the risk of heart attack by 50% .

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