How To Kill Time If You Are Not Celebrating The Holidays

Holidays are great if you’re in the mood of celebrating them.  Unless you have put your festive cap on, they might turn into long, searing ordeals. Ones which you cannot escape because you have nothing else to do, right? Wrong.  It turns out there there are routines you can adopt to get busy this festive season.

Read on to know more about how you sit out this holiday season and still feel good about yourself.

#1: Write your story

Need reminding why you shouldn’t spend on items that you won’t feel any need to come the end of January? The best way of doing that is by scribbling down your thoughts. Even if you don’t have a medium to publish them, you can always show them to anyone who tries to argue with you about your decision of not celebrating the holidays.

#2: Netflix and chill

Is piracy your favorite pastime? Then you might take some tips from Black Sails. Looking for something more romantic? Go for Outlander. Want to see a classic? Then go binge-watch Friends. Whatever you want to watch, the range of options on Netflix is such that you’ll get something to busy your eyeballs.

#3: Play online lottery or in online casino

There are many reasons why online casino gambling is a favorite pastime for millions of players from around the world. During the holiday season, the possibilities are endless, with various bonuses offered every day, while you can even play online lottery on some of the casino sites. Also, while the payment options in your local casino might be limited, some online casinos go as far as accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment.

#4: Contribute to Wikipedia

Looking for ways to help the world but can’t bother to leave your bed for it? Make a mental picture of the topics you’re most experienced with, like dental floss, and contribute to a Wikipedia article to help people who want their teeth to look as shiny as the stars on the star-spangled banner. That way you can sit back knowing that there’s someone in the world who is feeling better because of you.

#5: Doodle your thoughts

The Harvard Health Letter tells us that we can mitigate psychological distress, improve memory, and increase concentration over the long term by doodling our thoughts. What’s more, if you start doodling, you’ll have presidential company – as 26 U.S. presidents, including Ronald Reagan, have been reported to be avid doodlers in their prime.

#6: Reorganize your wallet

Who knows all the shopping receipts you have in your wallet are on the verge of tearing it apart at the seams? Use your free time to organize everything in a way that, when the time comes, you know exactly where to find your credit card. 

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