How Software Technology Has Changed The World Around Us

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to get caught up in how technology has changed every aspect of the world around us. It is used in medicine, construction, business, and even entertainment. You don’t have to look at this quarter’s MSFT earnings to know that tech companies around the world are booming right now. You can implement and benefit from these vast amounts of different technologies being produced, but first, you have to know how they are applied to your life. Read on to find out how technology has changed every aspect of the world around us.


One of the biggest aspects of life that technology has drastically changed over the last few decades is the medical industry. Software technology has changed every aspect of medicine from how patients can view their own charts to how they schedule appointments and get surgeries done. We have machines that can perform microscopic-sized cuts during surgery operations that are completely accurate and a human could never do. Technology like this saves more lives and prolongs the lifespan of humans around the world. No longer do you need to call in to make an appointment at any kind of doctor’s office. You can simply get on the internet and schedule an appointment online without talking to anyone. The same thing goes with checking your charts after an appointment is over.


One of the biggest industries that were affected by the recent boom in technology is the communication industry, specifically cellphones. Most cellphones today are as powerful as a computer in processing power and most services are switching to be used on mobile phones because everyone has them. Plus, most cellphones come with a wide variety of gadgets and features that people don’t even know about. This is how amazing these mobile devices have turned into. You cannot only communicate with someone else across on the other side of the planet, but you can also see them on a video chat, instantly send pictures, videos, and even money.


One underrated aspect of life that technology has definitely changed is the idea of banks and currency. Not only has online banking become more popular and easy to do right from your computer or phone, but mobile wallets are also widely used. This means less carrying credit cards and cash and more just using your phone to buy products and send money. Cryptocurrency has also become very popular in the last decade as a sign that currency will take the digital leap sooner than later and in-person banks won’t be as popular. The ability to put your money into the internet and move it around is a feature of technology that is still quickly rising in popularity and will develop more. Even investing in stocks has been turned digital with brokerages developing apps to help people invest in the market.


With the rise of Tesla and electric cars, more technology than ever has taken hold of the car industry. Electric cars are saving the planet and also include some of the best forms of technology available. Many include autopilot features, phone charging stations, and huge touchscreens to help you easily navigate the high amount of different features in the car. The coolest thing about software technology changing the car industry is the potential it has in the future. We are at the very beginning of electric cars. Who knows where huge car companies will decide to take it in the future. We already have self-driving and self-parking cars that don’t run on gas so there’s nowhere to go but up from here.


With updated technology, in-person learning has started to take a backseat to online learning in many ways. According to the New York Times, learning and working from home reveals an invisible impact of technology in the world. People today take for granted how amazing it is that classes and learning can be offered without students ever having to leave their beds. They can wake up, rollover, and started learning without walking to class. This is such a huge development that is being implemented around the world and will continue to be implemented more in the future because of how well it’s going now.

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