How Pro Gamers Live Now

Many people have heard a lot about pro gamers and esports, but as it is still a relatively new term, many do not really understand what these actually represent. Moreover, many would say that it is just playing video games all day long. However, there is more to esports than that.

Playing video games has become a booming business. It became a business a long time ago though, but now, players are allowed to immerse themselves utterly into astonishingly lifelike scenarios and enjoy the best online gaming. And what is more, they get a lot of cash for doing so. But, not anybody can become rich in this business. In order to succeed, you must have experience, skills, and knowledge. So, without further ado, let us tackle the issue of how pro gamers live now, and what it takes to become one.

What are Esports and Who are the Pro Gamers?

First things first, let us talk about the terminology. Esport is a kind of competition. That is the so-called organized multiplayer video game competition. You have to be a professional player, and you can participate individually or as a team. Until the late 2000s, esports were not that popular and only amateurs competed against each other, mostly for fun.

However, nowadays, thanks to live streaming, esports gained popularity. This is when professional gamers saw the opportunity. One of the most popular pro gamer ever and an Esport champion is Ryan Hart. He proved that by playing video games you can travel the world and earn a lot of money. But you are probably wondering are Esports actually sports, and are gamers actually athletes?

Well, in a way, yes! They have gaming seasons and training periods during which they not only practice their game but also work on team building, nutrition, and personal fitness. Many of them hire and move to the country where they can get sponsored as well.

Pro gamers, just like athletes, must take care of their bodies, their minds, eat healthy food and get plenty of sleep.

Gaming Means Work

Gaming sounds fun and relatively easy activity for most people. But this activity is actually a tough work. Every day you have to spend eight to ten hours of hard gameplay. You also have to spend a lot of time developing strategies and improving your gameplay. Therefore, to have energy, be focused, fast reaction times and hydrated when playing what could be for hours at a time, you will need an esports energy drink, check this G Fuel review. Anybody can hit and mash all the buttons at once, but pro-gamers must know and understand how to use each move, and how to use it before others do.

As in every game, there are certain rules, positions, and points, but once you figure everything out, you will have plenty of opportunities to be creative and really stand out. It is all about progress and being better than yesterday. Moreover, pro gamers who are sponsored and working for a company can not afford to lose. There is always pressure to win and to have the best results.

Mind Games and Psychology – Half Done!

Not everybody can understand how the mind works, and what is going to be your opponent’s next step. In the beginning, it is all about strategy – knowing dozens and sometimes hundreds of different moves and codes as well as differences in speed. But, to be the best gamer, you must find a gap in your opponent’s defense, you must find their Achilles heel. But how to do that?

Well, this is when psychology and mind games come into the play. You have to understand what somebody is thinking about by following their game, and each step and move they make in the game. You have to dig deep, and that means being creative, patient and sometimes aggressive. So, exercise your mind and train your brain. Being able to play mind games and get into your opponent’s mind, is how you outsmart them. This is what esports is all about.

Pro gamers are extremely intelligent people. But, besides the brain, you must also have a lot of experience and practice.

Brains + Finger Skills

So, as previously mentioned, you can not be a pro gamer without having the proper ‘brain’ skills. However, another thing you must have is hand-eye coordination. You also have to be really fast. In some games, being fast is of key importance. But it is not just about having fast fingers, you also have to think really fast. Pro gamers must be ready for – ‘go, go, go, now, now, now’! And that is it. It all sounds really simple until you start thinking about how to use a certain mind game in order to defeat your opponent.

Luckily, there are many strategy games that pro gamers use to practice on. Even if you have brain skills and game knowledge, you might end up losing because you are not fast enough. And, vice versa, people who are fast might end up losing because they have underrated their opponent. Only people who have a great combination of brain and finger skill can be pro gamers.

Events and Money

There are many games to play in the Esport industry. And each game has a different date when you can compete. Basically, every week there is some event somewhere in the world. However, you can not travel all the way to another part of the world to play a game.

You have to choose your battles wisely. Some countries and cities have certain games and events that are popular and that have companies and investors just waiting for pro gamers in that particular game. So, if you need long distance moving assistance in CA, hire a moving agency and practice work for that game even more. If there is a possibility to get sponsored, better not miss it! Pro gamers earn seven figures a year. In a way, they become celebrities.

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