How To Effectively Use A Press Release And Grow Your Business

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, the importance of writing an effective press release cannot be ignored. Even though some marketers assume that press releases are dead, they can be used just as effectively as other marketing tools, given they are written with diligence and attention to detail. At the same time, you should know how to distribute them and get plenty of traffic in return. 

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about persuasive writing and using a press release to drive your business. 

How to Write a Powerful Press Release?

Let’s face it; a lackluster press release will fail to garner your customers’ attention, and your business won’t be noticeable. The writing style and eloquence of a press release are just as important as the value and information it floats. It should be gripping and valuable. 

Here are some tips for writing a powerful press release and potential corner customers to take action. 

  1. Use a Compelling Headline

The success of your press release majorly depends on the way you craft your headline. If it manages to catch your readers’ eye, they will likely read the entire release. Let’s say that your headline or opening line determines the fate and marketing tactic of your company. It should be creative, punchy, and catchy. Use humor to engage your audience or make the title more newsworthy.  

  1. Follow a Format 

While most companies have their writing style and release a press release, they do not necessarily follow the acceptable format. If you are new to this arena, you can take help from online tools that provide templates to write strong press releases. As suggested by the marketing pros, you must pick a format that adheres to industry-specific press releases. One standard template, as made by experienced PR publishers found at Press Release Template showcases the critical points. A typical press release format consists of a headline, followed by an engaging introduction, a source to provide credibility, your company’s perspective, quotes, and an equally-compelling ending. 

  1. Tell a Story 

The fact that only accomplished journalists can write a strong press release is often taken for granted. In reality, any good writer can formulate an effective press release if they stick to the format, provide valuable information, and keep their readers hooked. However, if your company has the budget, hire a professional writer specializing in writing press releases. If you prefer to craft a press release by yourself, take the storytelling approach. Tell your audience more about your company, your values, and why they should trust your words. Make sure that your press release gets passed through the editing process, as it will most likely be judged based on black and white grounds with no grey area in the middle. 

Tips to Use a Press Release 

Now that you have acquired some valuable insights on writing a powerful press release consider these tips for using one to attract more customers, generate more revenue, and grow your business. 

  1. Reach a Wider Target Audience at Once 

All the effort and time invested in crafting a riveting press release will go to waste if it fails to reach the right type of audience. To adhere to this, make sure that your press release reaches your target audience. If you haven’t developed your user persona yet, it is high time you do. Consider the geographic distribution scale as well. If your business caters to or wishes to cater to an international audience, releasing an effective press release will also help you corner global clients. Use services that release your press to your target audience at once. You can also use social media to reach a wider audience and gain maximum visibility. 

  1. Provide Information that Your Customers Need

Your press release will have a higher chance of being read if it provides valuable and needed information. Let’s say you own a small business that produces skincare products. When you release a new product, your customers will be less interested in knowing about it than in learning how its active ingredient, tea tree oil, helps fight acne. This is the valuable information that most customers are attracted to. 

  1. Enhance SEO 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be used as an authoritative tool to push your publication’s rank at a higher spot on any search engine. By incorporating SEO, your company can benefit from an indispensable boost and grow your business at an exponential rate. To incorporate SEO in your press release, research keywords and phrases recognized by search engines and use them in your text. Use online tools to learn more about such keywords. Apply the same strategy to your social media pages as well. Use PR analytical tools to compare the performance of your press release.

  1. Make it a part of the Whole Package 

A lot of companies make the mistake of substituting press releases as a complete marketing tool. Even though they provide valuable information and manage to spark readers’ curiosity, they should only be used at certain places to point out the obvious factors. This is also one of the reasons why press releases are assumed to be dead. In reality, they are just not used in the right manner. Avoid mass pitching press releases and use them as a part of your marketing strategy instead. 

  1. Pay Attention to the Distribution Channels

Among several distribution channels available today, markers often argue about the best service. So check out the best free press release sites. Every channel has a fixed price rate per 100 words. Some even ask you to abide by a character limit. You will notice that the pricier a distribution service is, the better reach and attention it garners. Make sure that the distribution channel of your choice summons the majority of your target audience. Compare top channels in your country, state, and locality to get the best bang for your buck. 

All in all, a strong press release will help reach prospective customers without putting in an awful amount of work. If you master the art of writing and releasing an enticing press release, your business will boom in as less as 6 to 10 months. Moreover, it will help your business build credibility as more and more customers will trust your company.

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