Free Templates Of Ready-To-Use Bulk SMS Messages For Your Business

Online business promotion is gaining momentum and becoming much more popular than other methods. This is due to the fact that in most countries there are restrictions that don’t leave other options for contacting customers.

The use of templates will help you connect with potential customers and win their trust. This doesn’t require spending too much time and money, because such a task can be solved using a proven algorithm of actions. When creating a mass messaging campaign, an individual approach and certain deadlines are taken as a basis.

Text marketing services are designed to facilitate the choice of channels for communication with your clients. They are designed so that the sender can analyze errors and fix them in a timely manner. Otherwise, it will hardly be possible to achieve the same high results.

To increase the effectiveness of marketing by sending messages, it is worth remembering several rules:

  1. Own customer base. Ask clients to leave their contact details for bonuses or discounts. Thus, you will create a data base of  customers who are interested in your services.
  2. Customer experience. Discounts on unwanted goods lead to unsubscriptions. When sending messages, keep in mind your previous collaboration experience.
  3. Unsubscribe button. It’s very simple to set clients against your company: just send them endless unnecessary SMS. The unsubscribe button will allow you to build a database of buyers who are definitely interested in your offers.

Each method has its own requirements for templates. Study the guidelines prior to creating and submitting your campaign.

SMS templates for E-commerce

At the very beginning, e-commerce is closely related to online communication with consumers. Online shopping has become almost the only way to update your wardrobe, acquire new gadgets and create a cozy atmosphere. Ease of use of Internet resources allows you to become the main competitor of offline businesses.

Creating templates for e-commerce enterprises is not difficult, but a successful messaging will require some information about customers and their interests. Building your own customer base is the first step towards success.

To create a catchy and effective template, you need to consider a few rules:

  1. Personalization. Referring by name in an ad should be seen as an indicator of respect for the recipient. According to statistics, users are happy to open such messages.
  2. Urgency. When sending information about promotions, indicate the exact date of its end. By doing this, you will stimulate the customer to make the purchase they were postponing.
  3. Brevity. To create an effective newsletter, summarize the information briefly, while all details can be found by following a special link. This way you will interest the recipient and increase the conversion rate.

As for the ultimate text template, it should look like this: “Hello, (name)! Up to 30% discounts on all products up to 10.12 inclusive. Find details here (link)”. Take into account the customer experience and offer them to purchase the necessary product at a reduced price, moreover, from the same category as the previous one.

In addition to promotional messages, inform your clients about the delivery time, “forgotten” cart on the site and that their application has been processed. Your attention will not go unnoticed, and the customer will be happy to contact you next time.

Entertainment bulk SMS

Creating effective templates for entertainment owners should coincide with the nature of your business. Themed cafes and restaurants may use specific phrases to demonstrate their commitment to the business.

Formal communication style doesn’t suit club entertainment, so leave that to other companies. Add a little humour to your messages, and your customers will know for sure that they will have more fun with you than anywhere else.

As for the content of your text messages, it can contain any information related to events:

  • invitation to a drawing of tickets, workshops and free cocktails;
  • promo discounts when paying online for tickets for a holiday;
  • changes in the work schedule due to the weather or corporate order;
  • a short description of events that will be held this week or this month;
  • automatic reminder of the start of a holiday or promotion.

The variety of options depends on the area of your business, on the quality of services, and on the level of the company. Timely offers sent in messages will be opened within the first 5 minutes. For this reason, it is worth using your imagination and approach the creation of templates outside the box.

SMS for medical niche

The medical field is a priority, since the health of patients and visitors depends on the quality of the work of institutions. You can forget about an important meeting just like a patient would. Such forgetfulness is unacceptable and will harm not only your earnings but also the patient’s condition.

To reduce the workload and remember an important date, it is worth not only keeping a calendar but also sending information about the upcoming meeting to a visitor. Patients often forget to see a doctor for several reasons:

  • they remembered time or date incorrectly;
  • no appointment reminder;
  • personal problems.

You cannot influence the latter reason, so it is much easier to cope with the two former ones. Phone calls are losing their relevance, as people are less and less confident in calls from unknown numbers. There are no such problems with messages.

It is very easy to create a marketing text message template for healthcare specialists. It’s enough to greet the recipient and remind them of the exact date of their appointment. It is also worth adding an ability to annul an appointment and free up time for another patient.

There is no need to put a lot of effort into communicating with customers directly. Other methods of communicating with patients are not as effective as sending a simple text message. Reading it takes minimum time, which will free up a date for an appointment of another patient.

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