Valorant Tips & Trick – How To Get Better

The first-person tactical shooter, Valorant, is Riot Games’ venture into a new genre and it has been one of the most popular FPS out there with CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege. Everyone wants to be a Radiant but do they have what it takes to get better?

Don’t worry, I got you covered. I’ll be telling you so tips and tricks to up your game with small changes that you would have never thought about, and bring you to the top of the MMR ladder all the way to Radiant. Better put your game face on as we’re getting serious. 

3 Tips & Trick Radiant Players Follow In Valorant

Here are some tips and trick that Radiant players use to optimize their gameplay

The Right Hardware

They say that it’s the man that makes the tool and not the other way around. If that were true, why would most professional players prefer using high-end gaming peripherals when millions of dollars are on the line?

Everything from the mouse, keyboard, to even the gaming headset you use will make a significant difference in your gameplay, and using the ones that suit your playstyle the most will optimize your gameplay. 

Aim is everything in a tactical FPS like Valorant especially when you are fighting against evasive agents like Viper and Jett. This is why it’s so important to be using a mouse that not only allows you to move comfortably but also customizable to suit your tastes. 

Gaming mice nowadays allow users to customize DPIs, macro buttons, and even the weight. Look around and find something that allows you to move the most comfortable way you can. When it comes to DPI, pros say the lower the better with players like Ninja using 800. 

Keyboards should be tactile enough for you to recognize ability casting and movement while also responsive so that you don’t misuse or miss the opportunity. Mechanical keyboards are your best option since they give users a tactile feel while being incredibly responsive. 

If you thought the headset doesn’t matter, think again. Surround Sound will make a difference in your gameplay however small it is since it allows you to locate sounds. Omen’s not going to be able to teleport behind you sneakily if you can hear it a mile away. 

Optimized Settings

Hardware can help give you an advantage but it doesn’t matter how well the device is built if you don’t have the optimal settings. Many people think that buying the latest and greatest peripherals will simply make their gameplay better but they forget about the software aspect. 

First of all, ensure that your keyboard and mouse and working as they should be. Manufacturers nowadays pair their peripherals with software that optimizes gameplay while allowing users to customize their settings. 

Things from mouse DPI to keyboard macros can really give you a competitive edge over others if done correctly. 

Gaming headsets are only as good if you have all their features turned on. Things like Surround Sound, haptics, and even gaming mode can give you more clarity when trying to listen for the opponent who’s trying to plant the bomb to bait you. 

Crosshair settings should be personalized as well since everyone responds to them very differently. Some prefer a static crosshair while others prefer having nothing but a dot on their screen. Play around with the settings and see what works for you. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Even the greatest of Valorant players put time and effort into honing their skills every day with repeating practice. Putting some time into practice mode or any aim-training game before your real session will put you into the zone. 

There are standalone training programs out there on platforms like Steam which you can use to not only get yourself ready but slowly improve yourself over time. Some of them need to be bought but many are free and enough to make you into an aimbot. 

If you think it’s too tedious to open another application just to train your aim, Valorant has it’s own practice mode which also includes varying enemies and effects to simulate a real game instead of just stationary targets. 

Not only that, but using the in-game practice mode also allows you to try out every gun in the game, allowing you to master each and every one of them. It’s extremely important to master the recoil of every weapon to ensure accuracy. 

Even the pros need the practice to hit every headshot. 


And there you have it folks, our tips and trick for you to become a better Valorant player and climb your way to Radiant. Grab your best gaming mouse, keyboard, and gaming headset and dominate the site with your sheer presence. You have been briefed agents, carry out the mission as usual. 

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