Fitness Apps That Will Add to Your Workout Success

Pocket Yoga

We use our smart phones for so many areas of our life these days. As technology continues to grow, the way we use our phones will continue to revolutionize. These small devices we carry around in our pockets add to our way of living. Just about anything you need help with, there is an app for that. When it comes to getting healthy, accountability is a key to being successful. Using a fitness app can be just the motivation and accountability you need to finally meet your goals. Whether you have an Android operating system or an iPhone, you will find an app that can meet your needs.

Top Android Fitness Apps

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  1. Zombies, Run!– yes, you are reading that right. Zombies, Run! is an app that helps you to have a better workout while running. There are training levels on this app that are geared toward all levels of runners. Whether you are a beginner or novice, you will find a comfort level that suits you. The voice on the app tells you when to run faster because Zombies are chasing you, and when to slow down after the threat has passed. Each of these times increases your stamina in running and helps you build the endurance you are looking for.
  2. Workout Trainer– with this app you will be given several specific workouts to target different areas of your body. The trainer on the app will guide you through each of the movements needed to complete the workout. There is not only audio to the app, but also video of what the exercises entail. This comprehensive app will give you just the motivation you need to meet your goals.
  3. JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer– this is like a personal trainer in your pocket. There are over 1,300 different strength training moves that have complete instructions and animations. This app is geared toward strength training and helping you to understand proper positioning and techniques.
  4. Pocket Yoga– you will be given detailed voice and animation images of each yoga pose. The app is customizable to your comfort level as you can set the endurance and difficulty levels. These moves have been designed by actual yoga instructors.

Top iPhone Fitness Apps

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  1. Zombies, Run! in the way of running motivation, there is nothing quite like being chased by zombies to do the trick. You will be given training sessions before real zombie encounters are presented. The voice guides you of when to run faster on account of zombies and when to hold back after the threat has passed.
  2. Obstacles XRT– Extreme Reality Training- with this app, you are given the choice between three training levels. Whatever your abilities are, you can tailor the course to what you are capable of, and change when you need to increase your workouts. In this app, you will be guided to go over and under hurdles. This can be done right from your own home and there is no need to run through an actual obstacle course. There is also the ability to see actual videos of the exercises to make certain you are doing them correctly.
  3. See Me Get Fit– this tracks your progress so that you can visually see your success in training. You will be able to input your daily weight, exercise accomplishments and diet. This gives you accountability as you daily input your successes.
  4. P90X– this workout has been storming the nation for its effectiveness. Now it is in app form to help you with your accountability and sticking with the program. Make no mistake, this workout is not for someone who enjoys casual exercise. This app is to be used as a companion to the program.
  5. Abs Workout– with instruction videos and step by step guidance, you can work toward building your six pack in a matter of weeks. The accountability you receive with this app will ensure you stick with the program as you target each area of your abs.

These are a few of the top apps available for Android and iPhone. The key to any of these apps is to be sure you do the workouts. Just owning the app is not enough, you must put it into practice. You are on your phone everyday, why not let it help you meet your fitness goals by providing the instructions and accountability you need.

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