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How to Download Mp3 Songs from Spotify [Full Tutorial]

How to Download Music from Spotify

Today’s article is dedicated to users who’s looking for a way to download mp3 songs from Spotify and if you are looking for a solution to the same problem, then you might love to read this article in Spotify special.

How to Download Music from Spotify

Spotify is a moneymaking music streaming service giving DRM-protected substance from an array of most significant and autonomous record tags, counting Sony, EMI, and Universal. It was launched in October 2008 by Swedish establish Spotify AB, the service had around ten million customers by 15 September 2010, as regards 2.5 million of whom were those who were paying. It has a whole directory of songs which you would like to download to your hard drive and put it in your phone and listen to in your leisure time when not having an internet connection. The Spotify does not let you download the song directly as it is an online radio website. But still there are some ways by which you can download the song.

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Spotify does not give you any download option for the song it is playing since it is an online radio website. But some proxy ways can let you download mp3 song from this website too.

To download a song you can use the Spotify-mp3. It is an online tool to download a song that you like from the Spotify website. Spotify is not associated with this website. This website is only a tool to download the songs that are being played on Spotify. Downloading from this online tool is very simple. You just have to follow the following steps:

1. Open Spotify website

2. Select the songs you want to listen and lick the play badge

3. When the song starts playing right click on the song and click copy link location

4. Open Spotify-Mp3 in another tab of your browser

5. There is a box on this page

6. Paste the link in the box

7. The link provides the song and the link to download it.

8. Click to download and you can have the song on your hard drive.

There is another way you can download the songs from Spotify using this tool only:

1. Type the name of the songster on the box

2. This will provide the list of songs present on Spotify by that particular singer

3. Select the song you want to download and click download tag on it

4. The song is saved on your hard drive

If you don’t know the singer there is another way of getting the song from Spotify using this website:

1. Type the album the song belongs to

2. Click search

3. The album will be listed with all its information and songs

4. Select your favorite song and press download

5. The song is saved on your hard drive

Due to its easy to use and so many options it is the best online tool to download songs from Spotify. This particular online tool is very easy to use and interactive. The tool is free so you do not need to pay anything for it. The Spotify has many songs which cannot be found on other websites so you would love using the web tool to download your favorite songs from Spotify using Spotify-mp3.

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