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How to Download Mp3 Songs from Pandora

Today’s article is about the answer to a question about which every online users who love to listen Pandora internet radio is looking badly i.e. How to Download Songs from Pandora?

Pandora is free, personalized radio that plays music you’ll love. Using this you can discover new music and enjoy old favorites. But the only problem with this service is that you won’t be able to download mp3 songs from Pandora which you liked while listening to your favorite radio station.

But after reading this article you will be able to download mp3 songs from Pandora without using any desktop software and browser extension. All you need to do is follow the below trick the way I’m showing you in the step by step guide.

Note: This trick works flawlessly with Google Chrome, so make sure when following this guide you must be listening Pandora radio station on Google Chrome.

1. First of all open Pandora on Google Chrome browser.


2. After that you need to “right click” or “f12” on the Pandora radio station page blue area and click on “Inspect Element “just like shown in below image. The place to make a click is the left and right side of the page.

Pandora- Inspect Element on Chrome

3. Now page will pop up with lots of option like Elements, Resources, Network, Source, Timeline, Profile, Audits and Console. Just like shown in below image.

Pandora Elements

4. You need to click on third option i.e. Network and it will show you the whole bunch of different file showing up. Also it will show you what is being downloaded, including information about the size and type of the file

Pandora- Network

Must Read

Make sure you open Network Window before the Pandora start streaming music. Otherwise you have to wait or skip to the next song to download music

5.  In these details there is the name of the audio file which you are listening to Pandora. But it’s very difficult to find out the name of the song from all these files.

6. To make your work easier you need to click “Size” which is shown in the second row and 5 column. Now this will show you a list of file size in descending order.

7. You can easily find your audio file because the large file around 2MB will always be your song file. It will be look like shown below in the image.

Pandora- File Size

8. Just right click on that file and open that audio file in new tab. It will look like:

Pandora- New Tab

9. Now  in this page again “right click” and, then “Save as” and save the song where ever you want to store it on your hard disk. I choose to save it to the desktop.

Pandora- New Tab

10. That’s it you have downloaded your song from Pandora but the file will be downloaded in mp4 format and the many music player will have trouble playing these kind of files format. So just take one step further.

11. You just need to convert the file so that it becomes compatible compatible with all media players.

12. You can convert files using only online or desktop convertor. Here in this tutorial I’m using “Online Audio Converter” i.e that’s it.

Pandora file Conversion

So this is how you can Download Songs from Pandora for free. This is an amazing trick which is working flawlessly, so just give a try to this trick and share your opinion with us. If you have any query related to guide or any other question related to this trick feel free to drop a comment.

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