Brain Training – Practical And Productive Things You Can Do On Your Phone

Stuck indoors due to the ongoing lockdown, and want to stay as productive as possible? Sure, the main thing we all use our smartphones for at the minute might be social media, but there are a ton of different things you can do with it in order to help become the best version of yourself you possibly can be. Check out this short guide, detailing a few different practical and productive things that you can do on your phone.

Learning a new language

With apps such as Babbel or Duolingo, it’s easier than ever to pick up a brand new language and start learning straight away, so that when we eventually come out of lockdown you might be able to impress friends when you go on holiday, or even pursue work abroad, for example.

Tip – Languages are just one small example of the wider spectrum of skills that can be learned through an app or training course that’s available directly through your phone screen. Particularly if you’ve got a little bit more time on your hands, now might be the perfect time to learn that skill that you’ve always wanted to, such as playing a new instrument, or how to crotchet (and sell your creations online, etc.). With everyone in the same position at the moment, and also being stuck indoors, there are many online classes being run too, so it’s easy to get involved in a community of like-minded people if that’s something that you’re interested in.

Saving and investing your money

Times are tough at the moment, and so it’s a great idea to think about saving your money while you have the time, or even adopting a perhaps more savings-orientated mindset for the future, if that’s something that you’ve not done in the past. This might be something to consider if you’re the sort of person that always feels like they’re living from paycheck to paycheck, waiting for the end of the month to come around. Take a look at some smartphone apps such as Yolt or Cleo if you need advice on how to save your money better, and you’ll soon start to get a better understanding of your financial profile.

Once you’ve got a little bit of extra cash saved away, you might decide that you want to put your money back to work for you, and invest it into something positive. Again, there are a huge number of apps and services that can help you with this.

Tip – New to investing and not sure if you want to put money into a strategy just yet, but still keen to find out more? Again, accessible through your smartphone is a wealth of guides, videos, and information on every different investment market you can think of. All you need to do is make sure that you’re looking in the right place, and at a reputable source. RWinvest, for instance, a UK property investment firm with offerings throughout Liverpool and Manchester, offers podcasts and guides on different aspects of the property market, coming directly from their staff that has years of combined experience.


Of course, it’s important when working that you take a break every now and then, and your smartphone can be used for this too. There are thousands of free games out there that you can get into at the touch of a button, and also audiobooks and podcasts that can be jumped into free of charge. From finding your next holiday to escaping entirely in VR, you can do pretty much everything on a phone screen.

You should also remember that not all breaks should be taken in front of a screen. It’s harder to get fresh air nowadays due to being stuck indoors all the time, but try where you can to go out for regular walks and breaks. Also, make sure you’re doing as much regular exercise as possible. You’ll naturally spend more time sitting down and in front of a desk where you might have traveled in the past, so get out and about daily if possible, even if just to stretch your legs (all while sticking to the current government guidance in your respective area, of course!).

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