Want Free Shipping? Try These Top 8 Tricks On Amazon (Without Prime Membership)

Amazon’s Prime service is pretty great if you buy products on their website regularly, but it isn’t the only way to get free shipping through them! Most people don’t know these tricks, so why not try them out? Then spread the word!

 The more people who know about this information, the better off we’ll all be as consumers of online shopping! You can also look for how to get free stuff on amazon. Now let’s learn some more about how to get free shipping from amazon!

1. Use an Amazon Warehouse Location

One of the most convenient services Amazon provides is their extensive warehouse network – they have dozens of ‘fulfillment centers’ all over the world which stock every item that Amazon sells, so no matter where you live, you can get items shipped directly to you from a nearby warehouse without ever having to pay for shipping! This service goes by several different names on amazon – “Amazon Locker” (their dedicated page for this service), “Free In Store Pickup,” or “Warehouse Deals.”

2. Utilize the Super Saver Option

If buying something that’s fulfilled by Amazon (like many third party merchants on Amazon Marketplace offer) doesn’t do it for you, try utilizing Amazon Super Saver Shipping. This is a service they provide for ‘heavy’ items which the website doesn’t have available for direct purchase – instead of charging you a flat price, they give you free shipping based on how much your total order weighs. So just try to buy as many heavy things together as possible – through Amazon or Marketplace merchants! You can try out amazon cashback in some products as well. 

3. Shop at non-prime times

Amazon’s prices change dynamically throughout the day, depending upon what time of day it is and who is buying from them, so keep a mental tally of when prices are low and stock up then! Keep checking back every few hours and see if there are any good deals going on – it could save you quite a bit!

4. Try out a pre-order

 If you have to have an item ASAP, try looking up the manufacturer’s website and see if they have any kind of pre-ordering system going on – a lot of times these can ship as soon as a few weeks after ordering!

5. Use “Subscribe & Save” for regular shipments of household goods/supplies

Last but not least, don’t forget that Amazon has two different kinds of subscription services – Subscribe & Save for things like groceries and household products which you use regularly, and subscriptions for magazines, manga comics, video games, anime episodes etc… which arrive monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly at your doorstep! Use this to your advantage when you need to get free shipping on a regular basis!

6. Utilize Amazon MTurk (for cheap or free shipping)

We mentioned how Amazon’s warehouses are located all over the world, so if you need to ship something quickly to somewhere far away from an existing warehouse, this is a great way to get fast shipping! They have dozens of people working in their fulfillment center network who are paid small amounts to pick, pack and ship individual orders which come through – up to $20/hour you can pay these people depending upon their skillset, or you could just do it yourself in just minutes! Just set up an account at Amazon MTurk, where they show you step-by-step what you need to do when fulfilling orders for them – it’s pretty easy stuff!

7. Order through Amazon Business

If you know of a business with an amazon business account (usually large businesses like Walmart etc…), you can get free shipping on every order if they use their business portal! Just google “amazon business login” to find the appropriate website for your intended recipient, and you’re good to go!

8. Utilize Volume Discounts

If it looks like the item in question will qualify for free shipping if you buy more than one at a time, then trust us – that’s what you should do . It doesn’t always apply, but when it does the savings are pretty significant, so try buying multiple items together in one order whenever possible.

There you have it – now you’ll know all the tricks and loopholes in getting free shipping from Amazon. Of course, just because you pay for Prime doesn’t mean that everything will arrive at your doorstep overnight with no consequences – expedited delivery usually means that they’ll substitute using USPS or UPS instead of their own trucks and drivers, so keep in mind what kind of time frame you’d like before choosing this option! But if you do find yourself wanting things as quickly as possible and don’t want to break the bank doing so, remember these tips and enjoy your newfound power as an informed consumer!

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