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16 Best Alternative to Pandora and Spotify to Listen Music Online

Alternative for Pandora and Spotify to listen online Music

You like to stream music for free online and enjoy some free music but have a problem that you are not a citizen of the countries which the very well-known sites Pandora and Spotify support. While people can always choose to do the traditional way of listening to music like playing their turntables, they can also look for alternatives for Pandora and Spotify.

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Pandora Internet Radio (also branded as Pandora Radio or plainly Pandora) is a preset music recommendation service and “curator” of the Music Genome Project. The service, functioned by Pandora Media, Inc., is wholly available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The service plays easy on the ear medley of a definite genre based on the user’s artist choice. The consumer then gives positive or negative response for songs selected by the service, which are considered into report when Pandora chooses prospect songs.

Spotify is a money-making melody streaming service giving DRM-protected substance from an array of most significant and autonomous record tags, counting Sony, EMI, and Universal. It was launched in October 2008 by Swedish establish Spotify AB, the service had around ten million customers by 15 September 2010, as regards 2.5 million of whom were those who were paying.

Why listener look for Alternative to Pandora and Spotify:

Despite of the fact that these websites are very popular, but still online listeners look for alternative because these service are not free to use and these services are only for people of U.S and U.K due to which people from other continent not able to use this service.

Now these reasons make people look for alternatives to Pandora and Spotify, and they’re lucky that they have many free online music services and you cannot get access to these from any part of the world. Some of the best are:

1. Rdio


Rdio is a desktop composition streaming function that lets new consumers in the U.S. to way in ad-free, on-demand music streaming for unlimited time a month. From the co-creators of Skype, Rdio began to present Rdio Free by means of a set amount of ad-free, free on-demand music with its Facebook amalgamation in October 2011.

2. mflow


Best only free music streaming service where you can listen to music for free. No downloads, No adverts, No reason not to.

3. MOG FreePlay

mog freeplay_thumb[2]

Similar to Spotify, MOG FreePlay provides open music streaming with ads. Nevertheless, for a time period of 60 days, new consumers can listen to MOG FreePlay devoid of ads. Alike to Spotify, MOG FreePlay logs its users in along with Facebook and shares music with acquaintances. The service presents suggestions based on pop groups and singers you liked on Facebook. It has options to generate playlists, preferred songs and a lot more.

4. YouTube Playlist

Youtube Playlist_thumb[2]

Whereas YouTube is a video player, you can start using YouTube for free, on-demand music if you love listening songs on-demand. You can go to YouTube Disco to hit upon songs by an artist. A look for Beyonce counted up 100 videos, generally from her official VEVO site.

5. Hype Machine

Hype Machine[4]

Hype Machine brings together songs which are placed on a group of melody blogs. The songs are accessible to listen to on the website, along with labels linking to both the most recent original tracks as well as the songs which are voted most trendy by users over a 72-hour time. It associates next to each track undeviating users to websites as where you can acquire it as well as to the original blog that put the song in here. The Hype Machine, which can assist users find out otherwise and unknown music, has been accredited by a number of with debut of the careers of bands such as Foster the People.

6. Neverending Playlist

Neverending Playlist_thumb[2]

It is ideal to get be familiar with the absolute discography of a band; this site does precisely what you might be expecting from it, generating a nonstop playlist of songs as of any performer, for free. Absolute with a straightforward design that goes together with its single-minded undertaking, Neverending Playlist accumulates a list of YouTube videos by any artist a consumer enters, which plays continuously until a new one is selected.



Based more or less on a scheme of DJs, presents composition as a sort of societal media familiarity. On the website, you can decide to go into a “room” where others organize the compositions like a DJ, deciding which song to play. DJs can get points if others like the songs they play, however if too many natives in a room pronounce they detest a song, the subsequent DJ will be chosen from a line up. While the stress is not pretty as heavy on discovering new music, each room has its own variety of music and set of regulations so as to give each you an exclusive vibe.

8. 8tracks


Similar to Turntable, 8tracks gets its label from the decades-old sound recording tools. The website is playlist-based, with users submitting a compilation of songs which they label along with tags like “indie” or “spring.” You can look for playlists by means of these tags and playback is absolutely ad-free, even though the number of times an hour a consumer can leave out a track in a playlist is restricted.

9. Google Music

Google Music_thumb[3]

Google Music too presents the features like iTunes plus Amazon mp3 supplies.  You can upload all your music (10,000 songs) to Google servers in addition to it listen to them anyplace you want for at no cost.  You require to download the Music Manager following signing in from your Gmail account.

10. Sony Music Unlimited

Sony Music_thumb[2]

By means of Sony Music unlimited you get right of entry to over 10 Million songs presented globally. It music can be played back on PS3, Android phone in addition to Tablets, Bravia TV plus PCs.  You can begin with a gratis trial for 30 days but a contribution of either $3.99 or $9.99 per month is required to carry on using the service.

11. WE7


Listen to free streaming music online. Choose from radio stations, artists and songs to create personalized radio stations.

12. Deezer


French web-based music streaming service which allows users to listen to music on various devices online or offline. It currently has more than 20 million songs.



Its world largest music community powered by your scrobbles. This website ha free internet radio, videos, photos, stats, charts, biographies and concerts for you.

14. Grooveshark


Grooveshark is a similar service that gives free on-demand music flow with ads. More than 30 million populace use Grooveshark worldwide.

The comparable features comprise of the selection to share songs or playlists with acquaintances on Facebook, Twitter, and other societal networking display place. Like Spotify, Grooveshark presents a downloadable desktop function. Other competences embrace radio-streaming and uploading your music. Grooveshark also recommend song and artist suggestions connected to your listening habits.

15. Songza


Songza plays you the right music at the right time for free, with no listening limit. Browse a curated playlist library organized by activity, genre, decade, mood & lot more.

16. Slackers Radio


Slacker is the most complete music service on earth. Enjoy millions of songs and hundreds of expertly-programmed stations for free

So these are best music website online which generated lots of heat as alternative for Spotify and Pandora. But if you feel we forget to add any good name feel free to share with me.

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