The Original Characters Of Dragon Ball

Fact: All Dragon Ball characters made an exceptional mark to its audience from all over the world. Years after the series ended, we still can see these characters everywhere. What makes these characters interesting, apart from their interesting personalities and character developments, is their looks. The hair colors are uniques and the outfits are worth imitating. Most fans can’t but copy their favorite characters’ looks. Even Goku’s battle-cry became legendary! Who could forget the “Kamehame wave”? Did you know that Kamehama meha is Hawaiian and the name is actually from Hawaii’s first ruler? But the “name” only became well-known because of Dragon Ball.

Curious to know and revisit fun facts about the original Dragon Ball characters? Read on.

Story behind the original characters

Akira Toriyama the creator of Dragon Ball created the characters of Dragon Balls based on the Chinese Novel called “Journey to the West”. But with such an incredible and creative mind, Toriyama drifted away from the usual Chinese novel cliche and created something that is unique. Something that the audience had never seen or met before.


The central character in Dragon Ball. Toriyama formed the idea of Goku from the monkey character Sun Wukong on Journey to the West but he decided to make him human with a monkey tail.


The son of Goku and Chi-Chi. Gohan is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball series. He was trained by Piccolo and he defeated Cell. Gohan has a daughter named Pan.


is the youngest son of Goku and Chi-chi. Goten has more likeliness to Goku, from hairstyle to clothing. Goten is the best friend of Trunks and presently will learn the fusion technique that they become single being named “Gotenks”. Goten is the only child that can become Saiyan despite of being so young. Based on the Japanese Poll Goten is the 6th most popular character in Dragon Ball.


designed by Toriyama based on the idea of Tang Sanzang again from the Chinese Novel. Bulma is the teenager who accompanies Goku to find the Dragon Balls by using her invention — a device that can detect the energy of the dragon balls. Bulma is the inventor of the series who served as the technical support to Goku. She was also the inventor of the time machine that bring Trunks to the past.


An early villain and but later on allied with Goku. Vegeta is one the nearly extinct Saiyan like Goku and eventually lives on the earth and married Bulma. Vegeta is the father of Trunks, and throughout the rest, Vegeta fights with Goku alongside with the other protagonist of the series to defeat the enemies.


The future son of Vegeta and Bulma and go back to the past by the time machine and told Goku that there are incoming threats to earth. He is the young teen that easily defeats Frieza. There was a television movie that detailed the backstory of Trunks called “The History of Trunks”


Goku’s best friend. Krillin is the most wholesome character in Dragon Ball. He met Goku from their training by Master Roshi and became rivalry. Krillin’s death is one of the heartbreaking moments in Dragon Ball and after, Krillin was brought back to life by the Namekian Dragon Balls.


Did you know that other characters are extremely relevant to the series that creator Toriyama also based on the Chinese novel? Read on.


The father of Goku and Raditz. Bardock was designed by the anime staff on television version. Eventually, Akira Toriyama altered the appearance of Bardock on the idea of Toshiro Mifune from the Seven Samurai directed by Mitsuo Hashimoto. Later on, Bardock was included in the manga.


The granddaughter of Goku, daughter of Gohan and Videl. Kozo Morishita the producer of Dragon Ball GT, Pan’s role was intended to be a powerful and vitally become heroine that makes Goku a hero.

Master Roshi

He is the only one inventor of “kamehame wave”. Despite his old-man appearance, Master Roshi in his young era was a fearsome and extreme fighter. Master Roshi always pretend to be Jackie Chun just to attend in World Martial Arts Tournament


Do you even remember the sexy blue hair that looks like Bulma? Well let me introduce you, Maron, I know you have heard of her name or maybe remember her looks. She is the ex-girlfriend of Krillin before Android 18 and also one of the original characters of Dragon Ball. Actually, Maron used as eye candy for the series.


Was also known as Android 8 one of the allies that helps Goku to produce the spirit bomb. He was the first android to be seen in Dragon Ball until the Piccolo Saga.


Yamcha was based on the character named Sha Wujing from “Journey to the west”. I’m sure that you will never forget this guy and definitely entertained by him. Yamcha is one of the early villains and became an ally of Goku. Yamcha is not like any other fighter in Dragon Ball Z, Yamcha is one of the weakest characters in Dragon Ball but served relevant role as comic relief.


He was first introduced in Piccolo Era or Piccolo Saga, one of the few characters who use sword as a weapon. He is not quite strong but really did a good role in helping the allies to defeat enemies. His only appearance is in Dragon Ball Z


The white and fluffy 800-year-old wise cat. He is one of the healers and the only character that possesses senzu beans. Senzu beans are known to restore energy and heal a damaged body or wounds. So, if happened you watch Goku carrying Senzu beans, Korin was the one who gave it to him. The most important role Korin played is that he trained Goku’s beyond limits.

Just like any other story, every single character in the Dragon Ball series played a vital role, every single one of them according to dragonballz figures has their own merch such as figures, shirts, hats, and more. The story will not be the same if not for them. Lead, sidekick, or villain, their stories are something you simply cannot miss.

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