List Of Best Specialty Career Options For Nurses

Over the past few years, healthcare facilitations are improving extensively. That’s why the demand for healthcare nurses has enhanced too. However, soon, the need for nurses is expected to amplify considerably due to ongoing health issues. For instance, currently, the whole world is facing deadly COVID-19, and nurses are working like the frontline warriors to protect others’ precious lives.

Interestingly, nurses with various specialized degrees always get a good job and smart salaries. Additionally, they are still high in demand as compared to the rest of the inexperienced nurses. More than 100 different nursing specialties are currently available, and each has unique demand and salary packages.

If you passionately want to pursue this career, then the current discussion is ideal. Here, we have highlighted a vast assortment of nursing interests, as per your preference and interest level, you can make a choice.

Before we proceed, let us precisely describe a few words about the salary packages of nurses for your understanding.

Salaries of Nurses

We have used various sources along with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to get a clear idea about the salaries of nurses as per their specialized degrees and courses. The locality is the core factor that plays a crucial role in determining the pay-scales of nurses without considering the median wage of specialists. For instance, if you work in a less populated area, surely the salary package is quite lower than the median salary.

For the more populated area, the salaries are above the average of specialists. So, before deciding on the selection of this occupation, it is quite sensible to examine the geographical area range. If you are a part of a populated place with better hospitals and healthcare facilities, then definitely this career selection is ideal for you. Otherwise, revise your decision before it’s too late. Surprisingly, nursing supervisor salaries are higher due to their area of expertise in multiple domains.


Here is the list of best career choice for nurses, including:

Certified Nurse Midwife

It is one of the latest specialties requiring extra schooling and formal certification to polish the skills thoroughly. Now you must be thinking about their roles and responsibilities.

Well, nurse-midwife works along with the obstetricians and monitors the low-risk pregnancies. Moreover, following-up on the pregnant patient throughout the day is also a part of her job. She also provides awareness about parental care. You can hire them to get their support while delivering babies.

If you want to become a certified nurse-midwife, then you must earn an RN license first. After that, for a better understanding of this job, you will have to work in obstetrics for two to four years. Getting the certificate demands complete education, and you can enroll yourself to obtain the license.

Critical Care Nurse

Usually, a critical care nurse provides her services in ICU. But nowadays, in most hospitals, these nurses work in various other healthcare departments too. To polish the skills, critical care nurses can go for multiple options. For instance, they usually take the best care of the sickest patient in the hospital, or generally, they provide such services at home. They spend considerable time in the ICU to properly check the sign of threatening patients.

Unlike a nurse-midwife, critical care nurses don’t need additional certificates and education programs because usually, the RN program is enough for them. But, if they want to go for further study for better dexterity, it’s their choice.

Diabetes Nurse

As the name itself says, a diabetes nurse works with diabetic patients for their wellbeing. The primary responsibility of diabetes nurses is to provide enough awareness about diabetes and its adverse effects on health. Moreover, she also educates patients about fitness and nutrition and usually works with the endocrinologist. Due to the nature of this disease, diabetes nurses have a strong relationship with their patients as they provide healthcare facilities to diabetic patients daily.

If you want to become a diabetes nurse, then the initial step is to become a registered nurse and work for around 500 hours in a diabetic department. At this time, more and more people are becoming diabetic patients, which enhances the demand for diabetes nurses. As recorded in many surveys, the expected salaries of diabetes nurses will be more in the future than their current pay, and the reason is their higher demand. If you want to choose the nursing profession, then this specialty is ideal for you due to its great perspective.

Legal Nurse Consultant

The legal nurse consultant uses her skills and personal experiences to confer with medical lawsuits. Their primary responsibility is to provide up-to-date information about healthcare systems. To become a legal nurse consultant requires taking the license of a registered nurse. The requirement of a licensed nurse consultant will increase by 26% until 2020.


The ultimate purpose of this discussion was to make you aware of the various specialties of the nursing profession. The final decision is in your hand because you have to decide after reviewing the pros and cons of each specialty. Again, you must prefer the career that not only gives you a better salary but provides a high chance of improvement in the future.

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